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04-01-2014, 08:50 PM
Well, I may of had posted this in the wrong place, but I am going to carry on!

I have a couple of ideas that would seem AWESOME in the game (some a bit 'weird')!

1. Imagine a world... where npc Templar and assassins ACTUALLY FOUGHT EACH OTHER. Wouldn't it be awesome to walk around looking for your target, and some Templar/assassin npcs starting pushing you around and swearing at you, or seeing an npc that looks like your target discreetly killing a Templar/assassin npc. This would add a new sneaking system that can make assassin's creed multiplayer way better. You HAVE to know which npc are Templar and which are assassins in order to know where to hide. This would also make you study the characters more and may make you appreciate them more!

2. Character creation! I am not saying FULL CUSTOMIZATION, but come on, it would be awesome! First you start by making the body. Here you would decide its gender, body color, whether its thin, fat or muscly, hair style and colour, eye style and color, face shape, lips and nose. After, you pick their clothes. There would already be all the costumes of the characters in the current game, and you will be able to mix and mingle the costume styles. and lastly, pick their taunts, weapons, ground finishers and everything else, then name it as whatever you want (that isn't offensive, or Ubisoft would ban your character). This would be a double win for Ubisoft and us. Firstly, Ubisoft could sell add-on bundles of the costumes, taunts, weapons ans more from previous games like Brotherhood, Revelations, III, IV and Unity (which should only be NO MORE than 20 Microsoft points), and it be an opportunity to give Ubisoft some ideas for new characters in the next game. Imagine having your character in the nest game! It also benefits us because with a purchase of a costume add-on, we could bring back our favorite characters from previous games! (I am looking at you Hellequin... I miss you)

3. The Whip. This is an ability that you would use to stop a running target. You have to target at a person and press the ability button, making you throw a rope around their leg with a 80% chance of succession (this number would increase when upgrading the whip). The pursuer would yank the rope make the target trip over. The problem is you would be vulnerable as you would take a second to whip the target and trip them over, and the further the target is, the longer it would take for the whip to reach them(which can also be upgraded to take less time!) This would be excellent for team based modes, you trip the target over with your whip and your team quickly runs to the target to kill them. This would only work when the target is in your line of sight!

4. Magic! I have seen many characters who would have looked better with magic instead of weapons, like the nostalgic harlequin and hellequin in Brotherhood, or the Shaman in Black Flag. Every magic weapon would be different, either the color would change or the actual magic element would change. The generic magic option that characters who normally don't use it would be white with an aura effect, whilst those with magic as their main weapon would have all kinds. This magic weapon could of either be made; as a way of abstergo advertising their animus project to make it look cooler, by the templars finding out how the apple of Eden works and using its powes and inserting them in the genes of people (but it would be weak making the magic non ranged and as strong as a real weapon), or people could only be born with it and the templars hire them, since they are very strong and special

Each magic character would have two options which both are the same element, but both are different colors e.g one character would probably have magic with a fire effect, but has two options, either a orange fire effect, or a green fire effect. The generic moves of the magic weapon would mostly be a move that sucks the targets soul for back walk, front walk, back run and front run, but the special moves would depend on the element. If the element is electricity, then the front run move would be putting their electric hand on their chest and electrocuting their heart, whilst the back run would be the pursuer would put their hands on each side of the target's head (but not touching the head) and letting electricity run through his head. BTW just because its magic, doesn't mean you and your target will light up like a Christmas tree, you will still be as hidden as a proper weapon (or maybe even more hidden, since you don't perform any stunts or physically stab your targets!).

When putting your magic on (liking drawing and sheathing your weapon), the character would put their hands to their front and whip it back, making the magic effect start.

The elements that could be used are the generic aura, fire, frost, lightning, plant, summoning animals, water and smoke!

This could introduce new characters like magicians, witches, fortune tellers and jester (please bring them back)!

Anyway that's most of it, still got way more up my sleeve. I personally think all of them would fit the theme of assassin's, except for the magic, but it would look perfect in the game. If I missed anything out, tell me. AND LIKE THIS POST SO UBISOFT COULD SEE IT ! :D MY DREAM COME TRUE!

04-01-2014, 09:15 PM
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I am an idiot for not remembering!

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here is the MP boards, choose the suitable board for this.


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