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03-31-2014, 07:21 PM
First of all, I apology for my poor English, but I think you good guys won’t mind about it and you can understand my words easily.

Do you know you can execute high profile stealth assassination from the water well, bench, closet, booth and under the roofs?
Do you know there are 2 types of assassinations can be carried out from the corner (low and high profile) and you can use 6 kinds of weapons, 7 animations altogether?
Do you know the animations will be activated according not only to the weapon, but also the kind of guards during the counter- breaking defense-kill mode?
Do you know you can use the musket to finish high profile dual assassination, only if there is a bullet in it?
Do you know there are 6 types and 21 different styles of animations in active dual kills with secondary weapon?
Do you know you can use 3 kinds of main weapons, 3 kinds of secondary ones and totally 22 styles of animations in passive dual counter kills?

If you are not familiar with those questions and you are a big fan of Edward Kenway and AC4: Black Flag, you may have interests in my work.

Here I present you Edward’s Killing Montage (http://wq0326.tumblr.com/edwar****illing): a database of all killing animations in Assassin’s Creed Ⅳ: Black Flag, which is an archive made up with almost 500 GIF files in my Tumblr. All the GIF pictures are made by my own and I try my best to ensure that all the GIFs are as big as Tumblr allows. There are no water prints, no HUD, no extra corpses, no necessary bystanders and the processes of the animations are as complete as possible.
I divide this database into 5 Chapters, 15 Kinds, and 84 Types:
Chapter 1 (http://i.imgur.com/ggG1C0L.jpg)
Chapter 2 (http://i.imgur.com/BywF6xD.jpg)
Chapter 3 (http://i.imgur.com/7XIEFgU.jpg)
Chapter 4 (http://i.imgur.com/YBVXvQa.jpg)
Chapter 5 (http://i.imgur.com/IXcviGy.jpg)

Thanks to the tags system of Tumblr, I marked each GIF with tags as detailed as possible and set up a Tag Index to make the searching easier and more efficient. There are 3 catalogs in the tag index: Types of Killing, Types of Weapons and Hidden Spots. For example, in the mode “Active Dual Kills with Double Swords and Pistols as Secondary Weapon”, those tags: Active Dual Kills with Secondary Weapon (Types of Killing), Active Dual Kills with Double Swords and Pistols as Secondary Weapon (Types of Killing), Double Swords (Types of Weapons), Pistols (Types of Weapons) are all available. In the mode “Dual Assassinations with Hidden Blades by jumping from High Ground”, you can search the tags: Assassinations by jumping from High Ground (Types of Killing), Dual Assassinations with Hidden Blades by jumping from High Ground (Types of Killing), Hidden Blades (Types of Weapons) and High Ground (Hidden Spots).

I can't granite that I have collected 100% of the animations in Assassin’s Creed Ⅳ: Black Flag, but I have the confidence that I have done at least 95%. And I assume except the database in Ubisoft, my archive is the only one in the internet.

It took me almost 2 months to set this database up. I’m a huge fan of Assassin’s Creed, especially “Assassin’s Creed Ⅳ: Black Flag”. And Edward Kenway is my favorite game character so far. If you also love the AC franchise, I think you will like my work and respect my efforts. So All rights reserved. If you can find more animations that I have not collected yet, please contact me. I'd very much appreciate about that!

I hope you may enjoy my work!