View Full Version : Which going out of print cards are worth getting NOW

03-30-2014, 09:56 PM
Hi, i dont think ive seen any info on this...
Im a new player with an Inferno deck and currently only the base set unlocked but even then there are some cards available for me to buy now that will go out of print.
Also im sure some other ppl will want to know this too.

So which key open format cards that are not getting reprinted are worth spending wildcards on now?
Set/Faction/Magic school ?

03-31-2014, 01:34 AM
That is the million dollar question.

However, since you are a new player, you should probably focus on standard format, not open format.

It is impossible for you to get all the good cards before BS2 in such a short time frame, and the out of print cards of the basic set will be "older cards" after BS2 release. Older cards will be more expensive and getting extra copies with wild cards to compete in open format will probably be a waste of wildcards.

So be smart and save those wild cards for cards that will be usable in standard format. The faster you complete a winning deck, the faster you will be able to grind victories against people that is still struggling to complete their decks.

If you insist you have to enjoy the wonders of open format, 4 Abyssal Llords are needed for the "gate to sheog" deck. Armageddon and Tsunami are widely used in several control decks, and crystal of power is commonly seen in that kind of decks too. Having a couple of fireballs will come in handy too. Puppet master is a staple for decks that use dark magic and are confident to survive long enough to reach magic 6. No stronghold deck is seen without its 4 tainted orcs (or "ogres" are they are populary known). These are the most important that come to my mind, maybe someone else can give you more recommendations.

Be aware that current base set 1 packs will still be available for seals, so fireballs and tainted orcs should be easy to get just purchasing boxes of the basic set with seals. Remember these will be super boxes, so you will get 2 rares instead of 1.