View Full Version : Bravo. One of the best games I've played

03-28-2014, 03:12 AM
Usually I wait a while to judge how much I loved the game. Right now it's Skyrim, BioShock, and AC4 in my top 3 for most fun I've had during campaign/story mode. All the way from the plot, continuing Desmond's history to the sea shantys... This is the first game, on any platform, that I've achieved 100%. Simply because I loved playing it so much. I originally started during Christmas time and finished around the end of January. I just logged in to complete the community challenge but found myself playing more than I thought, especially for a game I have done nearly everything in. This is the amazing experience I love and reminded me of why I first got hooked onto this series. I also read somewhere that AC3 could have been better if given more time and more info in advance. If it takes that amount of time/effort to develop a game properly such as this one, I would gladly wait twice the amount of time for an awesome experience. Great job guys, and thank you.