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03-24-2014, 11:45 PM


Impossible to move/minimize the window without right clicking on the title bar in windowed mode, after losing focus,FIXED
UI Issues in 16:9 - LOOKING INTO IT
Different frame rate issues, especially in Deep Freeze FIXED
SLI/Crossfire configurations really slow LOOKING INTO IT
Graphics broken on NVidia laptop GPUs with hybrid integrated graphics FIXED
FX ruin the game in Eyefinity and Surround / Problem with ultra wide screen FIXED
Game is sluggish when FPS dropped LOOKING INTO IT

Game features

Replays Broken FIXED (99.5%)
Global leaderboard scores incoherent FIXED
Track restart triggers full countdown FIXED
Back wheel rotating on the wrong axis / Front tire glitch LOOKING INTO IT – Please keep up the reports
Challenges don’t always register correctly LOOKING INTO IT Please keep up the reports
Loading times are too long FIXED
Buttons feedback switch back to keyboard/mouse type even if just using a controller LOOKING INTO IT (small portion of players impacted)
Text color changing from white to green when looking at challenges multiple times from the track selection screen LOOKING INTO IT (low priority)
When highlighting a track with no challenges like the Training Program or a Skillgame, you can still press X (or CTRL) and hear the selection sound LOOKING INTO IT (low priority)
Mouse cursor visible when using a gamepad LOOKING INTO IT
In the Main Menu, pressing X (or CTRL) to close the scrolling text bar will bring out the notifications page NOT A BUG – Press B (or ESC) two times to get back to the main menu.
FPS Counter fix for 16:10 resolution. FIXED
Wrong checkpoint reset FIXED


"We need more graphic options." >> Now available at patch 0.9.3.

Known issues in 0.9.3 Patch:
- Foliage may not be rendered.
- The game may crash on exit and when selecting a bike.
- The game doesn't run anymore on Windows 8.0 and 8.1. FIXED