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03-24-2014, 05:58 PM
My Setup.
8gb Ram
Windows 7 Pro
Samsung SSD 840
Max Graphics
Windowed Mode 1600x900
Streaming with OBS for my entire playtime.

Pros: Im not even gonna waste time on this. I dont regret buying it. Im certain i will play for many months upon release. I will never go back to Gold Edition.

*I tire glitch on one of the trees and on the pipe on "balancing act" 9/10 times

*The 2nd skill game has ZERO replay value for me after i get platinum because my control over the outcome is limited to about the last .5 seconds of the "ramp".

*I want to be able to skip ahead in checkpoints on every track (like you can on evo license tests), this will make it easier to practice certain sections of tracks without having to redo everything leading up to the point over and over again. This will also maybe keep ninja track creators from needing to upload single CP versions of all their tracks. (obviously when you skip a section it activates a practice mode or something and doesnt record your run at all.

*In windowed mode you cant interact with the window bar unless you right click first

*Add an option to enable disable mouse display

*Make it so you can fast forward replays faster, and or add rewind functionality

*Allow us to view replays of a track without having to exit the track

*Add a popup notification to let you know when you have failed a challenge for challenges like "pipe phobia" and "they belong to the mafia" so you dont have to finish the track to know you made a mistake, this will also let you know exactly where you are failing.

*The canonball challenge on shivering isles is a bit finicky, I think i tried that peak 10 times at least before it finally gave me the challenge.

*The hole at the end of shivering isles is Impossible Or to difficult to fly into considering it is after the finish line, so you have to play through the whole track again just to have 1 more attempt (Ive put in about 50 attempts)

*Remove the 3,2,1,Go start from a track after the very first reset

*When viewing a replay it makes the sound for performing a trick every time a flip is performed, even though nothing is displayed on screen and this sound does not occur while you are playing

* if you hold RB during the loading of a replay, the loading indicator spins faster.

* half way down the ramp on the second skill game, one of the back towers suddenly lights up.

* Need more customization options for bike and rider

*Floating Grass on "Balancing Act" Here http://i.imgur.com/YsCH3Qw.jpg

*The End of "Balancing Act" Should be changed to a finish line as opposed to a YOLO hill climb. This makes the leaderboard more competitive because your position is determined by how well you do the entire track as opposed to just the very last "obstacle".

*A Highlight of me tire glitching on a tree and randomly dying at the end of "balancing act" (time limit?) (NSFW skip to 50 seconds)

...........to be continued/organized.

03-25-2014, 03:30 AM
Pros: Im not even gonna waste time on this. I dont regret buying it. Im certain i will play for many months upon release. I will never go back to Gold Edition.

never say never ;)

03-25-2014, 07:59 AM
I would write a beta experience but you have basically summed it up!

03-25-2014, 10:43 AM
* Need more customization options for bike and rider

This is a definite. Get with the graphics/art department at the studios and put them on no-pay until every part on that bike can be colored.

04-09-2014, 06:02 AM
Perhaps an unseen falling death zone?

It would appear you wasted time on this...just sayin