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03-24-2014, 02:11 AM
A great feature to the recruiting the assassin to *increase the creed is to be able to actually spend one on one time with each individual to be able to make your own decision on who is capable of being one of your great master assassins and its only a limited of master assassins u can have in your clan like example say your clan can be as big as 50 assassins but out of 50 only 5 can be Great Master assassins and next to them can be maybe 10 Master assassins while u are the Grand Master assassin and the rest are regular assasins who can still be upgraded but to they assign roles,gifts, and talents.... Example those 5 Master assassins has the ability to do all thing that each role of the regular assassin can plus 2 or 3 more special abilities that the regular assassins cant... you will have an Great Master Archer Assassin thats the best of the best *of all archerers, an Master Brute Assassin The best of the best of all Brute assassins, an Master Scout Assassin, Master Sworsdman Assassin and ect then u take those that u train to get to be the GREAT master assassin by spending time with them,training them and sending them on team and indivual assignments with u being on some mission along with them will dictate the ones u will like to appoint to be theGreat master assassins. which whoever become the Great master assassin will be known by a certain attire that only they can where and by what role they play in your clan..... as for your Master assassin they are like second in command to your 5 GREAT master assassins each GREAT master assassins can have 2 Master assassin by their side of that same role so whenever you see a great master assassin u may see 1 or both of the Master assassins with them if they have been recruited yet by u when being train,taught,and on side missions or just hanging out and the *Master assassins will be also known by their own attire...example you are the GRAND MASTER ASSASSIN so theirs only one of u your attire may be black and gold,GREAT MASTER ASSASSINS is white and gold and the MASTER ASSASSINS is red and gold the rest of the assassins you may alter their attire like in ASSASSIN CREEDS REVELATIONS.

Just a brief idea i have more in better detail just some thoughts becuase i love the homestead in assassin creed 3 and recruiting like in revelations the unity and fellowship like brotherhood taking over templar dens and given assassins responsiblities like revelation plz bring these back in more detail and call this assassin creed EMPIRE

03-24-2014, 08:01 AM
I would hope that Unity doesn't make you either the recruiter for or leader of the Assassin brotherhood. Hopefully the rumored ups to 8-player co-op multiplayer replaces the concept of the brotherhood. Actual assassins roaming around the same city as you, able to do everything you can. I think that's cooler. AC3's recruits were cool, but the fact that they each had to have their own mission made it impossible for them to be a serious part of the story, since the game doesn't know if you've got them all yet. I just want an order that's already there and knows how to interact with you and you know for sure that they're part of every player's story. Relying on mechanics to build the order always makes it feel small. I know that was the point of AC3, Connor being alone and having to learn what it means to be an Assassin without the helpful guides that someone like Ezio or Edward had (since Achilles was to cynical and beaten to help beyond the physical and combat training), but hopefully in France it's still firmly established and trying to survive the revolution.

03-24-2014, 03:51 PM
I wouldn't mind that. Anything to make the story more interesting. Im not sure if I like the Co-Op part. I hate being teamed up with ppl who don't care about team work and just do their own thing (COUGH, BLACKLIST COUGH). If It was like MW SPEC Ops where you only play with friends, that's better but still, deff keep co op away from campaign. I miss the brotherhood part though, that was by far my fav AC

03-24-2014, 05:00 PM
I'd like the Brotherhood back as well and also that everyone has his/her own personality of your Assassins.

But I do not want 50 assassins at my disposal. I'd rather like the idea that I am a Master of the Assassins Guild and manage my master Assassins.
I also have to agree on what Calvarok said though, I do not want to recruit them all, then train them, because that way they are completely optional and can't be part of the story.

So here is my suggestion for the (singleplayer) Brotherhood:

You will have 2 - 4 "Master Assassin Brothers" which will stand by your side and be introduced in the main missions. They will be at your disposal or you can send them on missions (for money or influence purposes, not for training (since they are already trained)). But they will also be part of the main storyline.

Then, you will also be able to have new recruits that basically work like the ones in Revelations (though you'll have a limited number of them), which you can train to become (normal) "Assassins"(like in Brotherhood). 1 or 2 of those can have side missions for you (Revelations style), but that would only be an extra, that is no must have.

Now then you have a management system similar to the Mediterranean one in Revelations, but improved upon and slightly different (we do not want a 1:1 copy and new ideas and elements are always good). You can assign both your mandatory Brothers (Master Assassins) and your optional ones to specific missions across the globe.

That would be my suggestion. The Brotherhood should not be an element as big as in ACB or ACR, you should only have a limited number of Assassins at your disposal (your 4 mandatory brothers + 4 recruits) and the management game should be there as well to underline the global aspect of the Brotherhood Cells around the globe.

So in the end you would have 8 Assassins at your disposal, 4 brothers which are part of the storyline and are trained masters, and 4 recruits which are optional and you would be able to recruit and train them later on in the story. The feature would not be as big and important as in ACB/ACR, but still be a little cool element, and with that compromise some of the Assassins (the already established brothers which are mandatory) could be used in the story itself.