View Full Version : Trials Evolution Gold Edition 1.0.4 details

08-21-2013, 09:03 PM
Trials Evolution: Gold Edition version 1.0.4

Greetings players. The latest update for Trials Evolution: Gold Edition will be coming out in approximately 24 hours. It should automatically update your game to version 1.0.4 once your game is connected to the servers.

Version release notes are as follows:

[list:iutfedxq] The total amount of UGC tracks a play can download has been increased to 5000. The limitation exists to ensure smooth client performance when sorting.

Replay playbacks with some video codecs has been improved

Fixed an issue with Advanced Search, that resulted in incorrect tracks being displayed

Fixed an issue that cause the game to crash for some players on startup, when playing downloaded tracks, or trying to access online features

Fixed an issue with Uplay friends not appearing on multiplayer screens or Friend Leaderboards[/list:u:iutfedxq]

We are continuing to investigate performance issues that have been reported, as well as rare instances where players have not been able to access any online functionality at all. We are also working closely with Nvidia to address crashes that are occurring with their latest beta drivers.

Thank you for playing Trials Evolution: Gold Edition and keep riding!

- The RedLynx Team