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06-24-2013, 01:44 PM
So I noticed some flaws with the TC interface on Trials Gold that really brings some of the enjoyment down so decided to sum up the problems here, and also some suggestions.

Hoping some things can be improved on in a 1.0.4 or something, or at least be looked at.

- 1. Long load times of 10+ seconds per menu frame.
- 2. Text Filtering also very long load times or no response at all, text search box doesn't always find what you look for even when typed exactly.
- 3. Tracks are filtered by New/48 hours/Week and then "all time", after a week some tracks just vanish even with a lot of downloads. (last month filter works manually but is hard to use cause it's very slow at the moment). Would like to see an extra box for 1 month and 3 months in the picture feeds.
As an example: I had a track with 1600 downloads 900+ ratings just vanish from the feeds, cause it didn't make the all-time list, it barely got any more attention since.
- 4. Track Downloads have some issues last few days for me, taking much longer or timing out.
- 5. If the filter interface responded fast and correctly a lot of older tracks/track creators etc could get more attention, right now it seems new tracks get on the feeds and quantity over quality seems to overflow the picture feeds due to the limited space out there.
- 6. If possible expand picture feeds to a larger amount, and same goes for the text filtering, once it works correctly.

In an old video (mikeB BFF report on Trials Gold) filtering seems to work correctly and fast http://youtu.be/hUgXym804SU?t=5m29s (the 48 hours is added by now) but the search in that video just seems so much more reponsive then it is now.

Suggestions and discussion welcome.

06-24-2013, 02:24 PM
The "Advanced Search" window needs a larger list of results. You can only find a set amount of tracks with it and the results are random at best with some tracks ALWAYS appearing and some never even when they both fit the same search criteria.

06-24-2013, 03:26 PM
I'm repeating myself but...I don't use advanced search because it just doesn't work. Slow loads, typing the name doesn't find the track, opening a track sometimes gives me a whole other track, sorting doesn't work (crashes most of the time), searching for older then a month tracks (crashes). This apply's to the "get tracks" and "play tracks" section. In the beginning I downloaded alot of tracks wich I didn't play immediatly, so now I have alot of crap in my TC wich takes forever to go trough because of all the faults in TC, so now I don't download as many tracks as I used too only for this reason.
I also don't get why tracks who have only 1-5 ratings (even if it all are 5 stars) can be at the top of highest rated.

Also I hate the slow testruns when in the editor mode/slow reaction when going into/out of the properties menu (1-2 second freeze) and the Uplay overlay that bugs the game when you are in it while loading a track.

suggestion: fix it RedLynx
expectation: none to be honest, altough I saw they where doing server maintenance today so maybe this will fix some issues. I can only hope