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06-17-2013, 05:15 PM
You liked the map UFO? Ready for a new challenge?
Here you have it:

UFO 3D!!!

Fly an UFO 3D through rings to collect energy for a humankind destroying explosion.
But be aware! You must have the skills of an alien to finish this map.



Please leave me some comments. I want to make new and better versions of that.
(Also I don't know if this map is playable with a controller?)

And most important: Have fun!!!

[to find this map search my uplay name: horschtbusch]

06-18-2013, 11:15 AM
I played this yesterday. I saw that almost nobody gave it a go, so I tought I'd play it till I finish it. I'm playing with a controller and it was doable but it was very hard sometimes to control it and it took me a while to do it somewhat descent (watch my replay to see what I mean, when you loose control it's a mess and when the camera starts to turn it's very hard to control it. So maybe you should have used another camera. Maybe there should have been a reset to balance the ufo wich lowers your points/add time). I didn't tried the keyboard so I don't know if that's easier.

The first time I had like 6 min till I was at the landing platform but the game didn't end because I forgot a ring ( I think it would be a better idea to let them change color when you pass them because the first run I didn't know wich ones I passed and wich one I forgot, so instead of looking for it I had to restart the game.) The idea was ok, but I tought the controls could be better/the rings should change color when you pass them/and maybe you could have add a power up/boost option you can take like the rings to get faster to the end.

I tought long about it, but eventually rated it 3* because I felt there was still room for improvement/adding special features. The most irritating thing was when I lost control, the ufo lands on his head and the camera started to turn (sometimes into the building/behind the containers so I couldn't even see the ufo anymore) I don't know if I would have played it to the finish if I hadn't set myself the challenge from the start to finish it (since I missed a ring in my first tries). Again, cool idea, but the execution could be better imo.

06-21-2013, 09:25 PM
Ok, first off all:
Thank you for playing this map and give me this really helpful reply.
Like I said i my first post, it's the beginning off multiple maps I will make with the UFO 3D.
It was my first map so i knew there will be much to do to make that perfect.

In your replay I can see that it was far too hard. I didn't expect that.
It was so difficult to get this so I flew the UFO like 1000 times
and like you can see in my replay I hadn't any trouble to finish the map.

I don't understand the fing with the boost/power up thing but please keep up on sending me this kind of great ideas.

Theres much to do to get to the next map with my UFO.
It's very hard to do everything alone.

If any body liked the idea and wants to join me to make this project perfekt that would be awesome.

06-21-2013, 09:46 PM
No problem.
Well to be honest, I think releasing too many versions of the same skillgame/track will give you less downloads, since people who play the first and didn't like it probably won't download it again. (At least this is what I mostly do) The best way is to have some people that can test it (altough I don't think you can do this with skill games online).
Yeah, I watched your replay. I would say the controls could have been a bit better but was ok. The big problem was when you loose control with the camera going trough other objects so you can't see anything. So maybe it's better to make the game more in the air so you can't hit the ground so fast, you can make a small space base or something to go with it. It's a ufo so I expect some futuristic things http://forum.redlynx.com/forum/images/smilies/icon/biggrin.gif
I mean boost/power up like in other games. Like there are powerboost floating wich you can take so you have more speed for like a few seconds. Something like a wormhole where you can go trough and teleports you somewhere else. A powerup that slows down the speed of those moving circles. It's with a ufo so I think you can do alot with it, do something crazy.

06-21-2013, 09:56 PM
Thanks again for your great ideas.
I dont wont to load up 20 maps which aren't at least different.
I just want to make major improfements and make a new map.
Therefore I'll nead someone with more experience then me.
To build a mothership ore something like that you need great skills.
Thats what I meant with somebody jumping into the project.

06-22-2013, 01:09 PM
If you want somebody to help you in the editor, you will need a shared account. There are some tutorial sheets on the forum that maybe can help you.