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03-15-2013, 04:47 PM
Please report issues pertaining to the Level Editor here using the format that follows. We will be getting many reports during the beta so we will not always be able to reply to individual posts but we will be monitoring these threads and passing any useful information along to the appropriate team members. Thanks for your help during the beta

Ideal Reporting Format:

Describe in a couple sentences what happened.

Steps to Reproduce:
Include a step-by-step instruction on how to reproduce the issue.

How many times out of how many attempts were you able to reproduce the issue?

System Specs:
Your hardware set-up is very important to us for identifying issues as many issues seem to relate to different hardware components or configuration so be as detailed as you can whith your system specs.
If you can please provide a DxDiag file from DirectX Diagnostic Tool. You can do this by pressing the windows button > Search for "dxdiag" by using the search bar > Open the dxdiag.exe > In DirectX Diagnostic Tool, press "Save All Information..." and save the DxDiag.txt file to your computer > Attach the DxDiag.txt content to the report.

Private MP: Crash when trying to play Archipelago

When I host a match with 3 players and Archipelago as the first track, the game always crashes for everyone in the loading screen after I have started the match. I haven't been able to try this with more than 3 players though.

Steps to Reproduce:

-Invite other players to a private match.
-Choose Archipelago as the first track.
-Press Start and observe if the game crashes in the loading screen.

Frequency: 3/3

System Specs:
i5 3.2GHz processor
Win 7 64bit
Nvidia GeForce GT545
*dxdiag file or content in quote* (link to dxdiag file is best if possible)

(if this seems redundant to RL staff or mods feel free to delete or move my post to the appropriate thread)

03-15-2013, 05:08 PM
Well I created this thread to report a crash I was getting consistently while going through an area trigger that had a chain reaction to (among other things) change it's own (the area trigger) physics type from 0 (default) to 3 (deco only).

Now I've just realized that the Beta being over doesn't allow me to access that saved version of the track and I can't successfully recreate it in a new track.


I will update when the game goes live on March 21st.