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03-15-2013, 04:47 AM
Hi everybody, the names us.shadow.op and boy am I happy to see trials return to the PC.

The amount of amazing tracks people put out astounds me.
So I decided to try something different since I don't know if i can compete with the awesome classic trials maps people are releasing.

Track Series
The name of my track series is going to be called Famous Jumps and will feature iconic vehicle jumps throughout history re-made in trials.

What makes my series unique
I've spent a lot of time modifying the physics of these maps to more closely simulate real life, from strength of the rider on landing, to mass of the bike, and altering the way leaning affects the bike while in the air. What this means is things will feel quite a bit different when playing these tracks but this is all intended as I want these jumps to be as much like their real life counterparts as possible.

Plans for the future
As I release tracks in this series I will continue to tweak the physics as I learn new and improved techniques. I will likely go back and make newer versions of the older tracks as well to provide the best simulation of these jumps I can.

Here is my first track in the series:

Name: Famous Jumps 1
Difficulty: Easy
Tags: Realistic, Physics, Speed, Jumps
Based On: Evel Kenievel's record setting 14 greyhound bus jump at Kings Island.

Real Jump:

Replay of my track:

Most of the time put into this track was tweaking physics.
Constructive criticism and suggestions are always welcome.
As always have fun and see you out on the track!