View Full Version : [Bug Report]

03-08-2013, 06:14 AM
Having played the game for a while now, I have a few bugs to report

1) Video - I know this has been covered. But it does make things difficult, also, even with Vsync on, I get both stuttering and screen tearing, which is most unusual. I have an EVGA (stock clock) GTX 670, which should be able to handle everything with no problems.
2) In career mode, one of the tracks seems completely unplayable, or at least very confusing. It is the one where you have to fly(?). The controls make no sense and do nothing when I try to follow along.
3) I'm not sure weather I'm just stupid, but the Tournaments make no sense at all. I haven't played any of them, and they still say that I got gold on all of the individual tracks (of which I have completed), but in the stage selector, it still says 0%. What on earth is happening?

That is all.
I am playing with a keyboard.

*edit* I just logged on for another round and to try and get my a license - and all of my progress was gone! My top times were there, because I could see my ghosts, but my progress and garage were reset.