View Full Version : DrawRace 2 coming to Lenovo Table PC!

01-10-2013, 05:48 PM

Ubisoft has teamed up with Lenovo to pack the upcoming IdeaCentre Horizon Table PC with quite a bit of gaming goodness.

“Ubisoft is pleased to be working with Lenovo to offer customized digital content that brings to life the unique capabilities of the Horizon Table PC,” said Carrie Tice, the senior director of strategic sales and partnerships at Ubisoft. “The games exploit the unique multiplayer experiences and will bring together family and friends for endless fun.”

Developed by Ubisoft’s RedLynx studio in association with Tuokio, the games have been designed to take advantage of the Table PC’s gigantic screen.

“The Horizon Table PC features a 27-inch screen, which is ideal for creating a truly social gaming experience and is the way the games were designed to be played,” said Tero Virtala, the managing director at RedLynx. “We know that playing together with family and friends around the table with these games creates really memorable moments.”

Read the full feature HERE (http://venturebeat.com/2013/01/06/lenovo-and-ubisoft-deliver-cool-touchscreen-games-on-giant-27-inch-table-pc/).