View Full Version : Origin of Pain - Time to get hurt... Again

10-06-2012, 01:38 PM
That's right, Origin of Pain for Trials Evolution is out RIGHT NOW on the Xbox Live Marketplace!


Paine Island:
Set on a rocky, tropical island just off shore of the main game, 'Origin of Pain' opens up the Trials game world. Ride your bike through lost temples, a haunted circus, deserted beaches and a menacing volcano, working your way through 36 new levels crafted by the RedLynx crew. What is the secret of Paine Island?

BMX: A dirty new ride:
For the first time ever in the Trials series, hit the trail with a BMX dirt bike! Turn off your engines and turn on your pedal power! With the BMX dirt bike joining your garage, you'll experience Trials in a way you never have before. The BMX bike has its own tracks and special event within the game, and can be used throughout the DLC.

Content Monster!
Tons of new objects and abilities have been added to Trials Evolution's industry leading track editor, including support for teleporting, gun firing, switch filters and vector math giving user-generator content more power and flexibility than ever before!

Supercross Spectacular!
Ten new tracks join the multiplayer mix, immediately doubling the amount of four-player Supercross tracks available for public matchmaking!

Pick up Origin of Pain on your Xbox 360 by entering Trials Evolution and selecting "Downloadable Content", or check it out on Xbox.com (http://marketplace.xbox.com/en-US/Product/Trials-Evolution-Origin-of-Pain/a7aa204e-c9db-4f81-8e59-5be40183852e).

As an added bonus, we've just released the first DLC Skill Game, titled "The Grappler", it's available now in RedLynx Creations in Track Central. Use your grappling hook to collect as many coins as possible.

What else is there to say? Now get on your BMX and get in the dirt.