View Full Version : Trials evo list of problems.

04-23-2012, 02:05 PM
Firstly what a game! I'm having great fun and loving online, but also having trouble..

Firstly the game freezes on load out from a mp game say 50/50.
The leader board does not keep track of my scores I was 34th on super cross in the world now I'm 557th yet my wins stayed the same? This was within secs. I noticed my xp went from 106.000 to 90.000 but wins the same?
My stats again level wise on mp don't stay right I lose about half a levels worth of xp every time I start or reload the game. Over the days since release I dread to think how much xp I've lost.
I'm full gold on all hard levels yet stat page shows bronze?

I'll return when I remember the rest

I'm running bt infinity and it's super fast have check all possible ideas.

Have taken pictures to prove just incase anyone thinks I'm pulling a leg, also my gt is escortrscaldzie .

Love this game but these do make it annoying

I have thought bout redownloading it, but I'm 330gs so don't want to lose my progress.

04-25-2012, 02:50 PM
Will I lose my data ie times and golds etc if I reinstall?

I've had over 30 freezes 2 day all on multiplayer.

Any idea why my stats are getting better but every time I play my overall score gets lower ?

Now 350gs hehe 2 more cheevos to go and that's it then return when this games fixed for multiplayer.