View Full Version : What's up with World League? Bug?

09-21-2011, 11:17 AM
The first two days of world league play worked fine.
I could practice all i wanted, then complete three heats and I would get the "see results" button.
Well, that does NOT happen now!
When I play one heat, the button still says "Heat 1/3". Sometimes, it bumps up to "Heat 2/3", but as
soon as i complete heat 2/3, the button says "Heat 1/3" again.
This makes me able to play as many heats as I want, and get my times registered. This must
be a bug, since i can drive all day for a perfect lap, not just 3 heats!
Am I being a moron and not understanding something, or is this a major bug?
Anyone else seen this?

Hope you will answer and try to fix this, because I really want to play as it is intended http://forum.redlynx.com/forum/images/smilies/icon_e_smile.gif

09-21-2011, 04:25 PM
Thx for noting!

There was apparently bug that was fixed asap. It should be working now.

09-21-2011, 05:27 PM
Yes, it's all good now!
Thank you http://forum.redlynx.com/forum/images/smilies/icon_e_smile.gif

Euphoric Fusion
09-22-2011, 07:48 AM
That would explain why my rank took a nose dive yesterday. http://forum.redlynx.com/forum/images/smilies/icon_e_sad.gif

09-22-2011, 08:31 AM
Dive? Ranks should not go down.

Euphoric Fusion
09-22-2011, 05:35 PM
My overall standing went down, not rank. Poor wording http://forum.redlynx.com/forum/images/smilies/icon_e_wink.gif