View Full Version : Awesome game, a buglet, and feature requests

09-20-2011, 10:35 PM
First of all, awesome game, I had so much fun playing it, getting all the medals, playing against my friend, and I am just beginning to dip my toes into the World League.

I have hit a buglet, however, and would be happy to see it fixed (as well as some way for the game to rectify the situation without me needing to play everything again). I am playing on an iPad 1st gen, btw. Although I have played all levels, and received all gold medals, the game skipped some of my Game Centre Achievements. Specifically, I am missing Campaign Champion, Skill Prodigy ( I saw the congratulations for this one in the game?), Lowboy R65-08 (which I have been using), Notaro NoS FS (which I have been using, and which is called Notaro Run FS in the game), and Sumahara MkIII (which I have been using).

Feature requests:

* Allow entering Game Centre from the game (perhaps this is there, but I couldn't find it)
* Show best time for each track/car combination, so I can play against myself and have a clue how I am doing

Thanks again for a great game, I am rating this one 5, especially if these issues could be addressed.