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06-20-2011, 10:17 AM

Any chance there is going to be an overhaul of the leaderboards system at all?

I understand the competition nature of the daily challenges and the rankings that come along with doing each level in the 24 hour window.
However it would be great if there was also a tracking of your times in a non competition leaderboard. i.e. a fastest recorded time for everyone on every level, regardless of whether it was a competition time or not. This would make joining in the game a few days late still fun and competitive for those of us that have a custom league setup.

I would love to go back to earlier levels and chip away at times to beat my friends... http://forum.redlynx.com/forum/images/smilies/icon_e_biggrin.gif

Basically, can we also have the leaderboards as they were in Trials HD please http://forum.redlynx.com/forum/images/smilies/icon_e_biggrin.gif

06-20-2011, 05:40 PM
This would be excellent - it would give a "friendly" leaderboard as well as the current "competition rules" one.

FatShady Live
06-21-2011, 12:28 AM
I sort of agree with you both.

I got this game on day 1 and have been averaging over 1000 points a day. It seems that the best player for the day is normally only getting about 1100 points per day so even if you were the best in th world every day, it would take you about 10 days just to make up for one day lost. If you bought this game a week late, then you will be at this for 70 days...

It is nice to be top of the leaderboard but agree that it also kills some of the overall competition. The daily stuff is nice, but you want to see your progress overall also.

Let's see what the devs think?