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10-20-2010, 08:53 PM
Every Bone Broken,
How easy it looks,
Like wise good phrase spoken
While reading some books.

Intro of Speed,
It feels like a dream,
We should be agreed
That it's ways are supreme.

Let's tell Jorma thanks,
He brought us a norma
That gave us our shanks,
By name Balls of Jorma.

Promising Student -
No biggie, Good Job.
It's nice you're so prudent,
Like my good friend Bob.

No Gain no Pain,
The developers say.
It might even rain
On someone's highway.

(Saku's) Pilot's License
Who doesn't have one?
Let's try to keep balance
While Saku gets one.

Achievement with Bones,
There are lots of ladder
Seven wishbones
As fact of the matter.

Jorma is prudent,
Jorma is fast,
We hope he won't fall,
His speed's unsurpassed!

Acrobat tells us
A tale of balance
And also a plus
Of giving us valance.

Maracas we get
For flipping a lot
In one special place
That'll probably haunt.

Real Talent you have
But can you get better
To make a nice salve,
You have to wear sweaters.

A tale of an apple,
Trees and Physics,
Newton grapples
The idea of lyrics.

You get Bad Vibes
After being awesome,
But some evil scribes
Have foretold your mortem.

Let Zakor enjoy his beer,
He's got a whole case!
He earned it although
By passing a maze!

Voltman's quite hard,
But you can still manage
If you flip a lot
At times that are savage.

Grace of patience
Do it ten times!
You might even get
True Fan for your crimes!

200 meters of one wheel
While keeping nice tan -
You became human pinwheel
And were deemed Wheelie man!

Been There, done that
Looks almost like moon,
Now let's see you perfect that
Like a real shogun!

Speed Boost isn't easy
From one point of view,
But you'll have to go easy
Let it be a nice clue.

Superhuman's quite a feat
I congratulate you.
That is if you didn't cheat
While having this pursue.

Dogs and Scores,
They're on top,
If you manage -
You can flop!

A dark tale of horror,
We call it Inferno,
But you'll get a furor
Like the one at Borodino.

True Fan is the Grail
We all want to reach it
It's like a fox-tale
You have to commit!



Very original. But I wonder what to do about the true fan...

Can we get a YouTube video of someone reading the poem? Others can help too (there are lots of video makers in the Trials HD section at least). How about a competition in the forum about whose trials poem video gets the most views? If someone's video of this poem gets over 1000 views, you have a true fan award!

Basically, I need the help to get a video of one of you reading it and posting it on youtube.
I could of course do it myself, but my video making and editorial skills are terrible, and my spoken English is not perfect. I would really appreciate your help!
Thanks in advance!