View Full Version : Trials HD - UK Open at Eurogamer Expo, Oct 2

09-21-2010, 07:36 AM
RedLynx is teaming up with Eurogamer Expo (http://expo.eurogamer.net) to host the Trials HD UK Open, a championship caliber gaming competition featuring the award-winning Xbox LIVE Arcade game.

The winner of this special event will be crowned the 2010 Trials HD UK Open champion, while all top three finishers will receive impressive trophies. In addition, we’ll be giving out game flags and Trials hoodies to selected participants. This ride could be the most important ride of the year!

The UK Open competition will take place on 1 PM, Saturday, October 2 . The event will take place at Brompton Hall in Earl's Court, London, during the Eurogamer Expo:

The Brompton Hall
Earls Court
Warwick Road

On Sunday, we will host a smaller, fun competition called "Beat Jorma." Anyone who is able to beat Jorma in a head-to-head game for best score on a track of their choice, will receive an "I Beat Jorma" certificate indicating that they in fact, have defeated Jorma in a head-to-head match. We will also be at the show Friday, demonstrating the game and everyone is welcome to come buy and visit the booth.

The Eurogamer Expo is the UK's biggest dedicated video games event. It's a chance for gamers to play some of the most anticipated games for the holidays and beyond, hear from some of the world's most talented developers, take part in tournaments to win great prizes, check out our indie arcade and get involved with the industry via the Career Fair.

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