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09-06-2010, 08:26 AM
What is MotoHeroz?

MotoHeroz is a new style of platform racing game. The player drives a small motorcar from a side-scrolling perspective through a bright, colorful world of ramps, jumps, loops, pools, and other obstacles, racing against NPCs, the clock, ghosts, or other players.

The game sports a rich variety of play styles, from four player local multiplayer, ghost racing, time attack, and a rich single player story.

How are physics used in the game?

At the core of the gameplay is RedLynx's well-proven, game mechanic: a simple but effective physics model. The car is constructed from physics components and interacts with the environment in a real way - acceleration, steepness, momentum - all feel real when you are driving.

Additional physics elements come in to play when you interact with the environment, for example, water, boxes, rolling logs, special power-ups, and other cars. Once these objects start interacting things quickly get interesting, and you will never have the same outcome twice.

What are the visuals like? It is a 2D game?

It is in the sense that you drive on a 2D plane, yes. But we are using fully modeled 3D objects for vehicles, drivers, power-ups, and background scenery such as trees, rocks, and bridges, which gives the game a much rich, deeper look. Combined with the parallax scrolling, the graphics really draw the player into the game.

What game modes are there?

The game has three main modes: a single player adventure called Story Mode, a four player head-to-head game called Party Rally, and a multiplayer mode called Online Runs that lets you download ghosts and race against them. In Online Runs, you compete in a Global Leader Board or your own Buddy League, with a new daily challenge appearing each day.

What are these special daily events?

As part of the online Online Runs mode, we will open up a new online track every day or so, allowing players to try and get the possible time for the track of the day.

How can I play with my friends?

The game supports up to four players on the same screen in Party Rally mode. In addition, you can visit the Global Leader Boards and download a ghost to race against. If you can beat the leader's time, your name will shoot to the top of the charts! You can also create your own Friends League to keep track of your friends' scores.

How many vehicles are there?

There are fourteen different vehicles modeled in the game. In addition, later levels will give players access to a helicopter rotor and submarine propeller to expand the single player Story Mode. Finally, players can collect coins in Story Mode and Online Runs, which can be used to customize the appearance of their vehicle and driver.

What kind of power-ups are there?

There are a number of exciting power-ups, including a rocket boost, a parachute, a spring jump, and many more. And as mentioned, there will be a submarine propeller and a helicopter rotor that are unlocked in single player mode.

How many levels will there be?

A lot! Right now we are planning on more than one hundred different tracks, split between single player Story Mode and Party Rally levels. The levels are divided into four worlds or tile sets - Forest, Desert, Arctic, and one secret world.

Does the game use split screen for multiplayer play?

No, the game shows all four vehicles on the screen at the same time. The camera tracks the leaders, so players who fall too far behind are eliminated, keeping every race fast-paced and fun. But don't worry; races are fast and furious so if you drop out, you quickly get another chance to jump back in.

You can also customize each Party Rally session, using as many or as few tracks you like. The game will keep track of your scores across this series of tracks, showing the results for each race and then the overall standings.

Who created MotoHeroz?

MotoHeroz was developed by RedLynx, an independent game studio best known for its Xbox LIVE Arcade hit, Trials HD. That game has won numerous awards, including Best Nordic Game of 2010 and was voted 'Best Xbox LIVE Arcade Game' by the gamers.

RedLynx is located in Helsinki, Finland - which is roughly on the same latitude as Anchorage, Alaska. The winters here are dark and cold, forcing people to stay indoors and become expert game developers!

How long has MotoHeroz been in development?

Initial concepting and testing took place in late 2009 and production began in earnest in January 2010.

How many people are working on MotoHeroz?

The team averaged around 8 to 10 people during the game's development.

When is it coming out?

MotoHeroz was released in Europe and North America on September 15th, 2011

How much will MotoHeroz cost?

MotoHeroz has launched for 1500 Wii Points.