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07-08-2010, 12:23 PM
I've had a few people ask me about recording Trials2 videos and getting them in a state to upload to youtube. I'm absolutely no expert on this subject, but I thought it couldn't hurt to explain how I do it. And maybe other people can say how they do it.

I have two methods, the first is the main way I do it, using Fraps, Premiere, and After Effects, but if you aren't lucky enough to have your work pay for the Adobe Creative Suite then a second method using free software is still good (and a lot quicker).

1. Fraps, Premiere, After Effects.

Get Fraps from here: http://www.fraps.com/ There is a free version that has a small logo watermark in the top of the screen, but it's only $37 so I bought the full thing. This, as far as I'm aware is your only option if you want to get good footage from a video game.


I use 30fps for youtube, but if I'm wanting to do some slowmotion effects later on I'll do 120fps (so I can get 1/4 speed), but if you're doing high framerates there is a greater risk of the video lagging while recording - depending on how good your computer is.
I also run the game in 640*480, that way all the HUD elements are clearly visible on the small youtube windows.

Load up Premiere, create a new project, don't pick any of the presets, go to the General tab and set it to 30 FPS.
Under Video change it to 640*480, Square pixel, Leave rest default (possibly save the preset)


Import the video (and any images) edit them together add any dissolves and just save it as the default premier file type.


Load up After Effects close the initial popup (without selecting any options) goto File-import file and load up your premier file. It will appear as a sequence file on the left hand side, drag it down onto the little file strip icon below it to create a new composition...


...add any effects.
Select Composition -> Add to Render Queue
Click on the Output Module where it says 'Lossless', a settings dialogue will appear.
Change the format to FLV or whatever format you preffer.
Click on Format Options - change the bitrate, I go for 3000 for short videos (1min) and about 2,400 for long videos (5mins). I'm not fussed about audio so I set it to mono and about 96kbps


Click on the Render button (on the right hand side of the bottom window)


2. Fraps, VirtualDub

As before capture you're video in Fraps. You'll notice the file size is huge.... too big for uploading on youtube. The quickest way I know to compress it and put it in a nice format is to use VirtualDub with the H.264 codec. You can also do some editting in VirtualDub, but I haven't done that myself.

You can get VirtualDub here: http://virtualdub.sourceforge.net/
There are both 32 and 64bit versions.
You'll need the H.264 codec that you can get here: http://sourceforge.net/projects/x264vfw/files/
get x264vfw_(xxx).exe for win32 or x264vfw64_(XXX).exe for 64-bit.

After installing these, load up virtualdub (usullly called something like VeeDub.exe or VeeDub64.exe)

In VeeDub go to File - open video file, then load up your video from fraps, then go to Video- Compression (ctrl+P) and select x264vfw then hit ok (just leave all the settings at the default)


Then go to File - Save as AVI and it will encode it for you (probably in super quick time)
My test file went from 570MB to 17MB in about 30 seconds.

Ok, Hope that helps, I can go into more detail if anything isn't clear.

07-09-2010, 11:26 PM
Excellent guide if you ask me http://forum.redlynx.com/forum/images/smilies/icon_e_smile.gif

I use S.U.P.E.R for video compression. Virtual dub is also very good, I've used it in the past for some CS:S videos.

About editing, the software is too expensive to even bother. Although I've worked with Sony Vegas in the past. Never really found out all of its feature but it's pretty damn awesome!