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08-29-2009, 11:51 PM
What goes up...
Just finished making my first track (first one that I tried on at least), spent most of my day working on it and polishing it up. I tried to make it easy enough for everyone to beat, and hard enough to be enjoyable for people who are good. I feel like it turned out really well. It's my first map though so don't go too hard on me!

It's all gone...
Just made this one today, was trying to make a wood processing plant that was in the swamps (hence the green) and was burning down, but if it doesn't look like that I can understand. http://forum.redlynx.com/forum/images/smilies/icon_e_biggrin.gif Also, I think it will be pretty tough for most players, but it is definitley doable. Some feedback would be nice! Thanks! And I wasn't sure what to make the medal times so if they seem out of reach let me know.

Climbing High
The fence got knocked down leading into the construction zone... it's trials time! Some tough spots I think, but again all manageable. Gamertag below, I'll find a place on my FL if it's full.

A shanty little town that appears to be deserted...I wonder why? Focused on the background a lot on this map to make it look good. Short map because of that, but I still feel like it's a good map. Starting to set the medal times higher because I figure people aren't going to try to master every custom they play, so I'm starting to be lenient with them. Platinum still takes some skill though.

There's a lot of storage containers...What's all this about?! My first extreme track! And extreme it is. All parts can be done in numerous ways so it's not a matter of finding the way I did it. Let me know if a part is too hard. Some of my friends found one part they absolutely hated, but I thought wouldn't be a problem at all. Thanks to all who play it, good luck!

There's a bridge being built, maybe there's enough of it to get across to the other side. Another short track. One of my easier tracks I think, but still fun. Medal times should be easily attainable. Send FR if you want to try my maps out!

Feedback appreciated.

Gamertag: Optik4

08-30-2009, 12:46 AM
Here is the link for this map for all you peeps who want to see it before you download. my buddy optik4 made this track and i must say i really like it. its hard but not to hard. its perfect. it took me about 20 mins to 0 fault this and im ranked 9th in the world so u justify what that means. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IfTmiXW0GbE

08-31-2009, 05:46 PM
This track was awesome. Very fun and a very original idea.

09-20-2009, 06:25 AM
Bump/Update: Just improved the looks of It's all gone so if you were on my FL and got it earlier, DL it again because I think the newer version looks a lot better.

Both tracks are also more technical than smooth flowing jumps, just so you know what you're DLing. http://forum.redlynx.com/forum/images/smilies/icon_e_smile.gif

Again, feedback always appreciated!

09-20-2009, 10:25 AM
Hey Optik, feel free to friend me on GT: Hollowcell

EDIT: That goes for you too xKBMxZERO. Seeing as you are highly ranked I wouldn't mind you getting some times on my tracks to inspire me to go at them again. http://forum.redlynx.com/forum/images/smilies/icon_e_smile.gif

09-20-2009, 04:23 PM
Cool stuff, very fun challenges. There is a nice balance of not being too difficult, but at the same time being hard enough to be interesting. I liked the presentation as well.

Played 'It's all Gone' and while I love the track there is one bit that is just kinda annoying. It's after you have to control jump to a barrel and then up to a platform. You then ride up an angled square log (all after the bit where u drop down and go backwards). Then there is a backwards downhill bit over what I think are some stairs. The issue is that you cannot see where you are going....at all. It kinda makes it a bit to trial and error to see what you need to do for my tastes. This spot really would benefit from a bit more lighting. a

10-08-2009, 04:53 PM
Gave your tracks a good run through earlier. Pretty damn good for your first attemps!

I have two criticisms and the first is mainly personal as I'm not a big fan of the roll back sections - just not into them that much. The other thing was that when falling off a section of track it looked like you could keep going, but couldn't after a little while. Maybe adding some explosives under there so when you fall you die would be cool.

Thanks for the tracks, and feel free to post some criticisms in my thread once you give my tracks a go - only way to improve. http://forum.redlynx.com/forum/images/smilies/icon_e_smile.gif

10-08-2009, 07:44 PM
Awesome track Optik. My favorite one of your's so far. Love the part where you have to gas the floor out from under you, That was dope. Keep it up gangsta.

10-11-2009, 05:08 AM