View Full Version : Langster Swe's maps

08-18-2009, 08:18 AM
Hi, I've just done one map so far, but I will definitely do more. I enjoyed creating the map almost more than playing this awesome game.

I'm also very interested in seeing some of your creations. And also to get some good competition to compare to on the regular maps.

My map is named New Hell, and it's kinda hard, but not impossible at all, I managed to get gold after about 100 tries or something. Lets see if any of you can get platinum!

I loved the options given to edit camera angles and lighting etc, so I'm probably going to focus on creating dramatic looking maps.

So please add me to your friends list, my gamertag is Langster Swe
(with a space between Langster and Swe, unlike my username here)