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06-02-2009, 04:40 PM
New Trials HD screenshots from E3! (Summer of Arcade 2009)

All screenshots in one package

One of the new hard tracks: "Trials & Tribulations".

There are 12 different skill games included in addition to Trials Racing. This is the "Loose Screw" skill game. In this game mode you have to keep your front tire in the air, because it's loose and will drop off if the bolt opens.

The level editor allows players to create their own tracks and share them online to their friends.

The level editor offers all the same objects that developers have used to create the built in tracks. You have over 100 objects to place. With the new glue functionality and the new physics joints you can create even more objects yourself and have very complex physics setups.

Trials HD includes lots of new graphics effects and gameplay elements. Exploding barrels explode when you hit them.

There's 8 different bikes you can choose in the game. 5 bikes for trials racing and 3 special bikes for skill games. Each bike is unlocked as you progress in the game.

In the "Delivery" skill game you have to haul a cart filled with bombs as far as you can go in 2 minute time limit. If you ride too fast and the bombs bounce too much... BOOM! In this screenshot you can also see the in-game friend score markers. These markers show how far your friends have managed to haul the bombs, making it easy to compare your result as you play the track.

This hard track is called "Technique". It has many nice technical obstacles.

This is the "Giant Ball Outside" skill game. In this skill game you have to ride on a giant steel ball. The further you manage to reach, the better your score is. If you fall from the ball the game is over!

One of the hardest tracks in the game: King of the Hill.

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