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05-18-2009, 06:32 AM
Right, firstly let me say i'm a developer, and understand that the most difficult part of something like a level editor is usually the UI, not the functionality (I'm trying to create a level editor for one of my games at the moment)

And the main reason stated in the post saying the editor will never be released is the time it would take to finish the editor to standards required by the average layman.

I put it to you, dev team, that the people who really want to use it will not care.
It comes down to this, you never promised a level editor so are under no obligation to release it. HOWEVER, you also obviously HAVE a level editor as it's been seen on YouTube and such.
I don't expect it is flashy with bells and whistles, and it probably has no documentation or help content of any kind...

People like me (and people who play trials in general) have a great deal of patience. And i know my fellow die hard fans will agree...
We'd rather have the un-developed but functional level editor the devs are currently using than nothing at all.

Am i right?
We aren't asking for anything special, just release whatever you have got?
I understand there may still be some development time involved, so that the levels created can be played in trials maybe. But it can't be that bad surely?

At the VERY least, it looks like when you are IN the level editor, you can race it by yourself and maybe give the save file to other people with the editor and they can race it in there. So you could (without admitting it) release an 'Un-official' trials2 SE level editor. You would then be under no obligation to provide any kind of support or documentation as it would have nothing to do with you (since technically you're not admitting that you created it...?).

But at least people like me can enjoy creating our own levels and sharing them with friends over email or whatever.

I guess what i'm trying to say is

We Don't care how crap it is, it MUST be better than NOTHING right?

Find it in your hearts to 'Un-officially' and completely unknowingly leak whatever editor you have to the general public through bit-torrent or something.
But get it patented or whatever first yeah?

05-22-2009, 07:38 PM
Hello mate,

I am not a Dev but I have been here since day one and was the first person to ask for the Level editor, so because of this I have been keeping a very close eye on the editor news and talking to the dev's about it.

as I understand and if I am wrong someone please correct me but the level editor has no UI nothing, becuse of this it would be a fairly large task to release it even for basic reslease and hard to use because you have to use the keybord for all the shotcuts, these shotcuts are programed to a finish keyboard so it would have to be basicly recoded to to this.

Also I believe looking at the video that the editor has the game engine embedded in it and i would think that it has no security applied to it so the entire engine would be easily changed and more importantly copied.

For these reason i belive the editor is not being released.


05-23-2009, 03:17 PM
Reasons why the editor was not present in Trials 2 retail version:
- The editor was not working with the Steam version of the game. All the content (including all levels) in the Steam version was distributed with Valve Steam network using their own patch system.
- It was not optimized to work properly on any other computer setups than we had at work. And it was not tested to work with any other computer setups. The retail version was tested with over 20 different computer setups (CPU & GPU & OS combinations). It's very likely that it would not even start on majority of computers out there.
- It required minimum 2 GB of memory to start, and a very high end graphics card (only highest end graphics settings worked on the editor, and it didn't even start with other settings).
- The user interface of the editor was simply horrible. It looked really bad, didn't work correctly on all cases, crashed if you did some action sequence slightly wrong, etc. Also most of the features were only available as keyboard shortcuts (with only Finnish keyboard mapping).
- There was no help text or documentation present. And many features were impossible to use correctly without knowing exactly how.

Reasons why the editor was not released as a stand alone unsupported tool:
- It's very easy to cheat in the track high score lists using the editor. Editor release would ruin the game for most of the hardcore players as all track high score lists would be filled with cheaters.
- The editor has no kind of serial key protection and can load and run all game levels. With a completely free editor that could run all tracks (built in and user created), there would be no reason to buy the game anymore.
- All tracks made with Trials 2 SE editor have automatic online high score lists at our server, and each score has a replay and ghost stored with it. The game does not support levels without online high score lists & replays & ghosts. This means that the editor public release would easily 10x the storage space requirement of our server and increase the bandwidth to our server by same amount. Our server is currently running at it's limit on peak hours, so it would not handle a traffic increase like that and likely stop working all together. Also Trials 2 does not have support for running multiple servers, so we could not simply add server capacity. The whole server architecture would need to be restructured to handle the load.

These are the main reasons why we decided to design the next Trials sequel with level editor functionality from the start. Fixing all these problems to Trials 2 was too late at the release time.

03-17-2010, 02:28 PM
Maybe the editor would work for my pc =): 4x4.1ghz, 8gb ram , ati radeon 5850.
It should work for me xD (so the hardware is actually right but as you said, there are problems even biggers then the hardware requirement. )

06-28-2010, 04:45 AM
dude if you have a level editor id love to try it