View Full Version : Trials 2 Second Edition version v1.08 released!

09-18-2008, 02:18 PM
Trials 2 Second Edition version (v1.08) has been released! The game will patch itself when you start it the next time. The patch updates almost the whole game data, as we have optimized the texture formats and compressed the audio data. Patch size is 112 MB.

IMPORTANT: Valve will release updated Steam version this evening (US time). The Steam client will update the game automatically.

Key features and improvements:
- Localization of all text to following languages: Russian, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Polish, Slovakian and Finnish. Language selectable at launcher dialog.
- Three new selectable famous voice over actors: Art Webb, Brandon Di Camillo and Rake Yohn. These guys are famous from *******, Viva La Bam, movies and other shows.
- A huge level pack containing 14 downloadable tracks.
- New "very low" graphics mode. Offers around 3x-4x performance (fps) improvement compared to the old low mode. Excellent for older laptops.
- Much improved low more graphics: Dynamic lighting, improved ambient lighting and baked ambient occlusion maps. Improves graphics quality a lot but does not cause any performance hit.
- Much improved in-game chat. Now the interface is tabbed, and you can join multiple channels. Each language has a default channel, and teams have their own team channels. Also all private discussions are separated in their own channel tabs, making the discussion easier to read.
- Certified 3 monitor ultra wide screen support using Matrix TripleHead2GO monitor splitter. Up to 5040x1050 resolution.

Optimizations and improvements:
- Low graphics mode frame rate improved around 20%
- Low & very low graphics mode object material VRAM usage down 33%
- Font texture VRAM usage down 75%
- Texture data HD usage down 12%
- Sound effect and voice over data HD usage reduced dramatically (ogg audio compressed)
- Support for graphics card shared memory operation (UMA, hypermemory, turbocache)
- Certified to work properly on 7-10 inch ultra portable laptops (Asus EEE, MSI Wind, Acer Aspire One, etc) with Windows XP installed
- Certified to work properly on low end wide screen resolutions 800x480 and 1024x600
- Support added for all ultra wide resolutions up to 5:1 aspect ratio. Resolution cap removed.
- Performance and graphics memory optimization for depth g-buffer (R16G16f -> R16f for cards that support independent MRT bit depths)
- Scaled menu components/icons and loading backgrounds are now rendered with anisotropic filtering. This improves the image quality of these elements nicely.
- The game now remembers the track you had open when the game is closed. You do not have to search the track again if you are playing all tracks one after one.
- Added option to turn off rumble / force feedback (found in Setup menu).
- Added option to enable FPS (frames per second) counter
- Added option to disable in game HUD (for video authoring)
- Added option to disable particles in low and very low modes
- On screen (upper) messages now have a darkened background to help message reading
- Added scrolling to tutorial messages and a close button to the tutorial message dialog.
- Game now uses unicode compatible Windows fonts. This provides support for non latin-1 characters (cyrillic letters, easter european letters, etc).

Bug fixes:
- License system now works correctly on all Windows languages. There was a small bug in the character codepage mapping in the license signature file, that prevented activation on all languages without standard latin-1 ascii mapping for the first 127 characters. The fix has been tested with Japanese, Korean and Russian Windows XP and Vista and the game now works fine.
- The ghost racing issue is fixed. The ghost did not work or behaved incorrectly on computers with non-ascii characters in the game directory path. Also same issue affected user saved replay files. Both issues are confirmed to be fixed.
- Changed all game timing to use standard Windows multimedia timers (1/1000 second precision). This should fix the performance issues with AMD dual core CPUs and with some laptop CPUs when power saving is active (MHz changing at runtime)
- Fixed a potential heap corruption issue that caused the game to crash on certain hardware configurations.
- Fixed a thread sychronization issue that caused (very occasional) crashes in Teams and Friends menu on Steam version.
- Fixed Steam client play time tracking issue.
- Fixed shimmering particles bug that affected some computers.
- Many misspellings have been fixed in the English language file. For example "Driver/drive" -> "Rider/ride".
- Tracks "End is Near" and "Autobahn" always showing "N/A" score in profile page is fixed
- Track record screen clipping in 1280x1024 resolution fixed
- Fixed several menu clipping issues on wider than 16:9 screen resolutions.
- Fixed issues in font antialiasing. The font edges were shimmering in some menu screens (especially chat and the top screen info text)
- Fixed light clipping issues at screen X edges (most visible in wide screen resolutions)
- Fixed a bug in level selector. The selection didn't change properly if the level was changed from the record screen.
- Fixed a bug in record screen near list scrolling. You could previously scroll the list up above the #1 position and down below last score.
- Player's with a profile name starting with a number could not join chat, as the IRC server did not support names starting with a number. We modified the IRC server so everyone can join the chat now.
- Fixed achievement problems with profile change/delete. Sometimes achievements got transferred from old profile to new one
- Chat bugfixes for operator users (name change, leave, private message)
- Game camera fix for low ceilings. The camera no longer clips the ceiling causing messed up graphics.
- Lots of small menu layout fixes
- Fixed game version number (exe files, and help screen). Was 1.04 previously on all versions.

9 completely new tracks:
- Easy: Let It Flip
- Easy: Death Slopes
- Easy: Maze
- Medium: The Classic
- Medium: QcHills
- Medium: Speedway
- Hard: Diablo
- Hard: You Shall Not Pass!
- Dynamic: Physics Fun

5 remade tracks (flip & wheelie tracks converted to race mode):
- Easy: Speed Jumps
- Easy: Speed Wheel
- Easy: No Air
- Medium: Dizzy
- Medium: Lollerskates

New minimum hardware requirements:

- Intel Pentium 3 600 MHz and better
- AMD Athlon XP and better
- Ultra low voltage CPUs (Intel ATOM, VIA C7/Nano) 1.2 GHz and better

- Support for all DX9 class chips with 64+ megabytes of memory
- Any NVidia DX9 chip (Geforce FX 5200 and better including all laptop variants)
- Any ATI DX9 chip (Radeon 9500 and better including all laptop variants)
- Any integrated Intel DX9 chip (GMA 900 or better)
- Any integrated VIA/S3 DX9 chip (Chrome 9 or better)

Compared to v1.07 minimum requirements:
- CPU: 1500 MHz -> 600 MHz (+ more certified models)
- Graphics: GMA 950 -> GMA 900 (+ more certified models)
- Graphics performance: Up to 5x more fps on low end computers (using new "very low" graphics mode)
- Graphics memory: 128 MB -> 64 MB (+ support for unified memory)
- Display: Certified support added for many new low end display modes