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08-14-2008, 07:46 PM
Hi guys, here is my plan for a course. It is quite hard to explain hence big long descriptions and a few pictures - ask if you don't understand any bit ... Track is MEDIUM DYNAMIC difficulty, and called 'Brits bad day'. I'm not very good at computers -- I hope the pictures work ....

I hope some unique ideas ..


Obstacle 1) There are a pile of barrels kind of held in a vertical line by four vertical poles. None of the poles are on the 'bike line' but the barrels are. Starting position is they are unjumpable so how do you get past them?

There is a 'single barrel sized' gap a little way up in the back poles of the obstacle. None of the barrles are falling through the gap at this time as they are stacked well.

The user has to wheelie into the lower barrels in turn, knocking them out of the small gap at the back, (so the rest move downwards as they are stacked up), until he believes he can make the jump, then reverse back and do the jump! Of course -- the higher he leaves the stack of barrels, the faster his time, but the bigger risk he takes with the jump.

Here is a picture of this difficult concept:


Basically its how high you are willing to risk trying to jump, in the gain of time ..

Obstacle 2

There is a 'see-saw' thing .. where the bike has a choice of high route or low route. The high route is well difficult -- big piles of tyres and barrels to negotiate - it'll take some doing.

So he tries to go low as it's the obvious choice -- wierldly -- when he reaches the end of the see-saw and waits for it to drop with the weight of his bike -- it STILL does not drop to the lower level. Not enough weight. eh?


The biker could figure out to push a barrel using his front wheel from the last obstacle, right to the end of the seesaw -- that, AND the weight of your bike -- makes the seesaw thing drop to the very easy low level. If this option is chosen, a much easier time is had -- but the overall time should be about the same as the 'harder' upper route. Of course this option can only be chosen if the biker hasn't 'Backspaced' -- which reset the barrels! So only on 0 faults!

Here is a picture


Obstacle 3.

Half way across the obstacle, massive boulders fall from the sky. The biker MUST have pushed the upper concrete blocks over, then reversed back and taken the bottom route, so the blocks act as a shield from the falling boulders.

Here is a picture:


Obstacle 4

A bog standard, normal loop. However in front of the loop someone has put a huge peice of wood! .. with painted question marks on it. So effectively You have to do this one blind! (But its not too difficult! Or you 'could'use the impossible 'first person' camera?!)



Obstacle 5

Another see-saw a bit like the last one .. however AGAIN you can only get to the top level. They have to do a difficult ramp on the top level -- when they get far enough forward, a big block falls onto the see saw behind them. They then have to navigate backwards back down the steep ramp, right back on to the seesaw (nexr to the big block,- to finally be able to get down to the bottom route.


Obstacle 6

Some more standard stuff as I wanted the rider to be able to slightly relax for a checkpoint.



Obstacle 7

The spikes. These should be easy to take slowely (1 at a time), difficult to take fast



Obstacle 8. The end. Big ramp so rider can choose to fly over it, or brake then accelerate down other side.

No picture!

please let me know your thoughts ... and if the piccys arn't working -- er -- I tried me best!!


08-14-2008, 08:20 PM
the first obstical looks abit =S but rest looks awsome

08-14-2008, 08:24 PM
i like tracks 6 and 7, would be cool seeing how the good riders get across those fast

08-14-2008, 10:57 PM
its all 1 track...

08-15-2008, 12:31 AM
oh lol, thought they were all different ones