View Full Version : Trials 2 SE Steam Release and new 9.99$ price! (28/5/2008)

05-26-2008, 10:23 AM
We have released Trials 2 Second Edition on the Valve Steam online gaming service (http://www.steampowered.com). The new Steam version uses the same game server as the original version, so all the players can compete against each other on the same track high score lists and play against each other's ghosts.

Additional features in Steam version:
- Steam UI integration (open Steam UI popup with shift + tab). Steam automatically handles features such as managing your friends, and displaying a info popup when a friend logs in and out or starts playing Trials 2.
- Steam friends list and the Trials 2 profiles of your Steam friends accessible in game (Teams & Friends menu)
- Track record list filtering by Stream friend list.
- Steam player custom avatar icon is visible on Trials 2 profile screen for Steam players.
- All achievements gained in Trials 2 and your Trials 2 playtime and experience show in your own Steam user page, and is visible to all other Steam users.
- Our current (licence key based) activation system has been replaced by Steam DRM system. Also on Steam version we release new tracks using the Steam content upgrade feature. Same tracks will be available on both versions.


Today we also lowered the price of the game to very affordable 9.99$. Now the money should not be anymore a barrier for anyone to get into the game. On Steam we also offer a special 10% lower price promotion during the game release week. Now is a perfect time to get the full version!