View Full Version : Version v1.07 released (27/5/2008)

05-13-2008, 05:01 PM
v1.07 has been released 27/5/2008. Here is the list of changes:

Technical issues (bug fixes and optimizations):
- Fixed issues with Windows user and directory names that had non-ascii characters on them (affects mostly players with Japanese, Chinese and Korean Windows languages). Now you can run the game using any OS language.
- Level selector scrolling bug fixed.
- Layout fixes to all menus showing player ranking numbers. Now there is enough space for 100 000 players (99 999) in every place.
- Fixed a random crash bug in profile menu opening (thread synchronization issue)
- Optimized shadow generation. Around 15% less polygons needed to generate the same result.
- Fine tuning of post process shaders (slight performance and quality improvements for Motion Blur and Depth of Field).
- Optimized deferred sharing lighting pass. A 5-10% frame rate improvement can be seen on cards with unified shaders.
- Fixed a bug in volumetric particle rendering. Now the volumetric rendering works correctly on stretched particle effects such as fire and flames.
- Fixed several crash bugs in corrupted file handling (setup.dat, process.dat and profiles.dat). Now the game recreates corrupted data and doesn't misbehave in any way.

Features and improvements:
- New demo that is much more friendly for beginners. More easy and tutorial tracks. Harder tracks not playable (replay showing how to pass the track in full version instead).
- Completely new tutorial mode with 7 new redesigned tutorial tracks.
- Tutorial help dialog at beginning of each tutorial track with tips how to overcome the obstacles in the tracks.
- Prerecorded example ride (with button presses) for each tutorial track to help the player learning process. "View example ride" button is always visible when riding tutorial tracks.
- Added track category names to downloadable levels in level selector screens (small text).
- New improved "Teams" menu layout.
- Team lists now shows top 25 teams and 25 nearest teams (used to be top 10 and 11 nearest).
- Track record "near you" list scrolling (up and down)
- "Fly by" camera mode (usable for video capturing and replays)
- Improved bike wheel shadows
- Bone breaking sound effects
- Game progress. At first all but 3 tutorial tracks are locked. Whenever you pass a track, the next locked track in the same category is unlocked. When all tracks in one category are unlocked, another categories are unlocked with 3 first levels unlocked in each.

New content:
- 6 new levels: 4 tutorial levels, 1 easy level, 1 medium level. Level total count now 51.