View Full Version : Trials 2 cheating policy

04-16-2008, 08:04 AM
According to our End User License Agreement cheating is strictly forbidden when you are playing Trials 2 Second Edition online. Verified cheating will cause your account to be banned from our server and you can no longer participate in the online community or get automatic online upgrades (new tracks and new game versions).

Our server has replay and score compare feature built in among other measures to detect cheating, and we can use it to do certification run whenever we suspect that cheating has occurred. We of course will not take any action based by automatic detection alone. Every case will be investigated separately and only if there is enough hard proof, we decide how to proceed.

We believe that it's best thing for the community as a whole, to keep the cheaters in check and give everyone the same possibility to reach the top places in the track leaderboards and in global player ranking. The ranking tables and the online competition between other players is one of the key features in Trials 2 Second Edition. Rest assured that we will keep the integrity of the high score tables and player ranking safe also in the future.