View Full Version : Trials 2 SE v1.06 released 14-4-2008

03-29-2008, 06:45 PM
v1.06 change list:

- Increased network timeouts. Fixes problems with data_full.pak downloading and game activation on slow connections (such as wireless GPRS).
- Fixed rendering problems when forced driver antialiasing was enabled on GeForce cards. GeForce drivers tried to force antialiasing even if the game does not support it. We found a good workaround for the issue.
- Fixed game window focus bug. In some rare cases game repeatedly skipped all rendering until user pressed a key, making the game almost unplayable.
- Added support for additional low resolutions. Now minimum supported resolution is 640x480 (was 800x600 before).
- Fixed results menu clipping problem in 5:4 resolutions (1280x1024).
- Added level numbers to track result screen.
- Added new "Downloadable" level category for downloadable tracks. This makes it much easier for us to release new level packs, as we dont have to patch the game anymore every time we release a new level (because of changes needed for achiement limits and things like that).
- Fixed record scrolling bug. The record scrolling was limited to the best 100 records.
- Added level quick select dialog to Record screen.
- If licence verification is failed after activation (because of hardware change) the game now asks you the licence key again. Previously you had to delete license.dat manually to play.
- Improved replay naming (correct timestamp and level name, and .rep at end of file name so that replay file names are shown correctly if Windows file extension hiding is on).
- Changed replay directory to My Documents\Trials 2\Replays to allow us to create more Trials 2 directories later. The game copies old replays to the new directory automatically.
- Profile screen sometimes showed incorrect (random) placing for levels that were not yet passed. Now it always shows "-".
- Profile screen text was greyed out when watching other player's profiles. Now this bug has been fixed.
- Team maximum size increased from 10 to 20. Many players are using their team as their friends list, so this change was needed.
- Team menu screen layout improvements and highlight to your own team name.
- Replay synchronization problem with dynamic physics tracks in demo version has been fixed.
- Improved dynamic object physics response/collision quality. This allows us to do much wider variety of advanced physics obstacles.
- Added automatic profile creation dialog at game startup if you have no profiles. This makes it easier for new players to get into the game.
- New optional voice over sounds ("Monday Nitro Time", etc) that can be enabled from the settings menu
- Added proper error messages for computers with not enough graphics memory to run the game. Previously the game just crashed.
- Fixed a crash when game was closed and network connection thread was still active. This issue affected players with some firewall programs.
- Fixed small bug in chat PM mode. Could not start PM mode with last player in the chat.
- Improved Depth of Field post process shader. The new shader calculates focal plane blurring factor in a more physically correct way.
- Fixed a small graphics glitch in lighting shader when variable Field of View is active (Checkpoint camera mode)
- Fixed replay ending too early bug. The replay showing ended after last keystroke in replay.
- When a new update is available, the game now first asks if you want to download the update. Previously the update was downloaded first, and then the user was asked if he/she wanted to install the update.
- Option to disable audio and force software audio.
- New high scores are now added to a queue and sent to server when connection is available. Previously if connection dropped during track, the high score was lost.
- Intro track (tutorial-1) was remade. The old track was too simple and almost 100 players had the exactly same time in that track's high score list. Also this track ruined the Top Dog and Top Score achievements, allowing everyone to get them (just drive the same time as everybody else and you place at position #1 and get both achievements). New Intro Of Speed achievement time limit is now 4.00 seconds.
- Fixed achievement limits. Before you needed to have less or more than the limit, and equal score of the limit didn't count (17.99 was required for Speed of Jorma for example). Now you also get the achievement with equal time.
- Optimized all shaders to use 16bit floats where-ever possible. This boosts up the performance on Geforce FX cards the most, but also increases the framerate on 6000 and 7000 series Geforces nicely.

The first downloadable track pack (extra1.pak) was released simultaneously with v1.06 release. This track pack includes 5 brand new tracks: Four easy tracks and one dynamic track.

Also with v1.06 release we remade all the four existing dynamic physics tracks. The new improved v1.06 physics allowed us to do much more interesting and advanced dynamic obstacles. The old dynamic tracks were a bit annoying and didn't really take advantage of all possiblities available for us to use. The new tracks include much more complex dynamic interactions and additional dynamic objects in the background and the foreground. This change unfortunaly also means that the high score lists of these four levels were cleared.