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03-17-2014, 06:01 AM
If ACV does happen in the Victorian Era, chances are high that the Assassin who is going to be our main protagonist will have a genius ally working with/for him, such as: Leonardo da Vinci (for Ezio Auditore in ACII & ACB), Piri Reis & Yusuf Tazim (for Ezio Auditore in ACR), Benjamin Franklin/other important personalities in the Revolution (for Connor Kenway in ACIII), Agate (for Aveline de Grandpre ACL), and lastly Stede Bonnet/Ed Thatch (for Edward Kenway in ACIV:Black Flag).

Now the most famous, intelligent, and mysterious person that I can think of in England during that era is: Sherlock Holmes.

The only problem is that he was fictional. But... According to some breaking news, look what I found!

I present to you, an important personality and a brilliant master of disguise: Mr. Jerome Caminada


*Check the link above for more information*

This is only my opinion, but it could be right.

Thank You :)

03-17-2014, 07:28 PM
I don't think you have to take from fiction to have ingenious name in victorian era. It's a peoriod full of inventions!
Check it out:
Some illustrious names from every human branch: Darwin, Bell, ****ens, Wilde, and so on...

And I like to see real historical character in AC, not fictional ones, it would be strange...
In fact, if you like Sherlock Holmes, why not the same Sir Arthur Conan Doyle instead? :)

A curiosity:
we know from history that Machiavelli's "Il Principe" book was inspired by strategy and leadership of Cesare Borgia...
But, In AC at a certain point, Machiavelli says Ezio something like "you are a good leader. One day i'll write a book about you..."
I find it very fun how they twist history, keeping it plausible.


EDIT: How am I supposed to write "A Christmas Carol" author's name without being censored? Lol!

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not being rude, but you dont need to say that on every post you make :cool:
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