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03-31-2004, 08:03 AM

03-31-2004, 08:03 AM
Some games that use a dedicated server has the ability to make a "demo" of the session that is running. This is a "recording" of what is going on on the server. It doesnt affect server gameplay/smoothness except for that it loggs a file of the recording that will be of a certain size.

If this could be done with the IL2dedicated server exe this is the following features that would be possible:

You would not need to record your tracks during playing on a dedicated server, but you would be able to play them again at a later time, maybe by downloading the event track from any of the respectable dedicated servers website, such as greatergreen/BM357/flygflottilj16 etc. (the website/serveradmin could save say 2-3hrs (maybe even less or more) of recording before overwritten to the demofile)

You would NEVER again think:
Darn! I wish I would have recorded that!! no one will ever belive what I just did... 2 kills with one shot, while flying inverted under a bridge.

This option would open up for a whole new feature imo, that could be even more developed in the future.

An example of that is HLTV, that is quite popular nowadays..

To be able to enter a game and just watch the action, without participating.

Feel free to add any comments!


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