View Full Version : Final pieces of Black Flag Content

Bipolar Matt
03-12-2014, 03:46 AM
So as far as I can tell, I am only missing a few piece of content total from Black Flag, now that the Illustrious Pirates Pack has been out for a while.

As far as the really exclusive content goes, I get schick razors and Dr. Pepper anyway, so I got the codes for the dual cleavers and the Wilkinson figurehead

I also purchased Connor, Haytham and Edward figures as decorations for my desk at work. The fact that they came with game codes for the Aquila's sails, Haytham's outfit and the Kenway Family swords was a bonus.

So I believe I am missing El Impoluto's Figurehead (didn't do that community challenge), Explorer Outfit (missed both of those community challenges), the Queen Anne's Revenge sails (Blackbeard figure), the Royal Fortune sails (Black Bart figure) and the Benjamin's sails (Hornigold figure). Will these all be released as DLC?

I've already beaten and 100%ed the game...though I do plan to play it again. Would like to have everything available.

03-12-2014, 05:28 AM
It's doubtful that they'll be released as DLC. The thing with the figures was always kind of dubious, as they never actually transferred them over to next-gen. They just made the codes for last-gen consoles and forgot about them.