View Full Version : Is it at all possible to have AC4 with ALL the content?

03-11-2014, 10:39 AM
Like, this all relates to the little things like customization options and a few weapons and stuff, but AC4 has its content GREATLY divided across everything, unlocked via toys or pre-orders or packs or collector's editions, but the question I have is, is it at all possible to get an AC4 version with EVERYTHING in it? Especially now, for newer players?

For example, there are Golden Swords which are unlocked for pre-ordering, is it at all possible to get them anymore? Then there's the Machete which are part of the Black Chest edition, but for example on PC Black Chest has content that's not available in Digital Deluxe, and Digital Deluxe has content that's not available in Black Chest (neither of which is part of the Season Pass), so my question is, out of curiosity, is it possible for anybody to have a version that has, well, everything?

EDIT: There's this new Jackdaw edition, but it's got only the game + Season Pass, so it's not all content.

03-11-2014, 12:50 PM
Does AC ever get GOTY editions? If so, I'd bet all of the content will be there.

That or as DLC bundles for purchase. Eventually.

Currently though? Probably not unless you pre-ordered multiple copies of the game from different retailers, the season pass, the collector's editions, all of the toys, the previous games in the series (to get the Uplay outfits of Altair and Ezio and Connor), the tie-in fast food figurines, the exclusive Dutch Assassin's Creed dictionary, the Special Amazing Fantastical Assassin Mega Time Awesome Edition from Japan, the UK's Better-Than-The-United-States-of-America's-Edition Edition, the exclusive bonus pack of game content NOT available in the season pass, wait - why'd you get the season pass if it doesn't even get ALL the DLC again?, the Kenway Family Lineage Pack which features AC3 as well as AC4 and unlocks exclusive content in 4, aaaand a Playstation console if you want the Aveline missions.

I think some of those might be a tad inaccurate.

03-11-2014, 01:16 PM
Does AC ever get GOTY editions? If so, I'd bet all of the content will be there.

Well, this is the time when it gets GOTY editions usually, and the Jackdaw edition is essentially the GOTY edition for AC4, but that contains only the game with the Season Pass, which is most of the content, but not all (even if we don't include things like Aveline DLC for PC/PS and content that you get from toys/figurines).

Unless I'm missing or confusing something, since it's really hard to keep track of what you get for what with AC4.