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03-10-2014, 12:34 AM
Hi, I'm new to the game and forums and I was reading some info about the next expansion, Basic Set 2, and the changes it will bring. I read the following:

What will happen with Base Set One cards?

Those cards will be considered as out of print but you will still be able to get them through the Altar of Wishes. The first base set is the only set that will be removed from the store once BS2 arrives. Void Rising will be the next set to rotate out, but the other expansions will still be available in the shop.

Will new playing formats be available?

Yes! There will be Standard (Base Set 2 and following series), Open (all cards) and Weekly. Weekly will consist of fun rules and restrictions such as only using commons.

Will older cards still be available in packs? How will I acquire older cards?

Base Set One will be removed from the Shop. We want new players to use B2 since it will be the Standard format. Overall, we feel it will bring a more diversified meta. People who really want out of print cards (Base Set One) will be able to get them through the Altar of Wishes. Still, itís not impossible that one day we bring Base Set One cards back in the Shop.


My questions are more about Void Rising and whats going to happen to those expansions. It seems that old cards will be playable in Open, but:

1) Can we purchase Void Rising once it rotates out?
2) If Void Rising gets out of print (No purchasable at the shop) the only way to get them is through the Altar of Wishes?
3) If answer to question 2) is "Yes", do we need to unlock that expansion for altar of wishes before it gets out of print or once it gets out of print will be automaticaly unblocked at the altar of wishes?

Thanks for your answers

03-10-2014, 10:41 AM
If they stick to the original plan (last info I had was that it wasn't sure if they'll do), VR packs are gonna be removed from the shop in the future. Then, there will be two possibilities to get VR cards:
1) the card is also in BS2: you can get it from BS2 packs or from the Altar
2) the card is not in BS2: you can get it only from Altar

I guess the cards will either be unlocked from beginning for everyone or there will be introduced a new achievement to unlock it that is completeable relatively easy even without the packs being available in the shop.

03-10-2014, 09:42 PM
Thanks for your answer.

I see that I've to wait till an official announcement before spending my seals.