View Full Version : Lost Savegames after MP (Brotherhood)

03-09-2014, 02:47 AM
Evening volks, I've got a strange problem, hopefully someone can help.

A week ago I played Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, saved and went offline. The day after I actually wanted to continue playing, but I got curiouse about the Multiplayer thingy, so I thought let's give it try. So the whole week I've been playing in MP-Modus, but since at this time on a saturday none is online, I wanted to continue in SP-Modus, but my savegames are gone. It's not like they didn't save at all (because I should at least have the old savegame), but there is none at all.
I never had this or any savegame problem ever, till now. I do not know if it's really because of the MP-Modus, but before I started it, I was in my SP Session, an my savegame was there. I didn't load it, because I wanted to try the MP-Modus, ut now there is nothing left. The only thing left ist the question, if I want to start a new session.

What happened? And how can I get my old savegame back?

P.S.: My progress in U-Play is still uptodate.