View Full Version : Getting back in the multiplayer

03-08-2014, 11:30 PM
Hello everyone,

I have played every single AC game to date, single player and multiplayer. Love the story and the multiplayer.
The multiplayer versions in ACB, ACR and AC3 were really nice to play for me. I loved them.
Now I bought the game when it launched. I played a lot of single player, untill I forgot to back up my single player game and now have to statr over again...
For the multiplayer I played to about level 20 at the moment.
I am having a real struggle to understand and get back in to the multiplayer. If I play ACR or AC3 multiplayer, I know what to do and I'm enjoying it.
AC4 multiplayer is really really hard to get in to. It's like a completely different mechanic. I just dont know how to do it and get used to it.
Any tips?