View Full Version : Limited Mode in AC4

03-08-2014, 08:06 PM
AC4 (Deluxe Edition+Season Pass) is going in limited mode. Everything else as prescribed in support website and forums had been tried including un/re installs. The issue started after the latest UPlay update. It is NOT a ISP or PC issue. It is a similar problem as stated here in this thread:
The quality of the fixes/ patches/ upgrades are not worth mentioning given that the everlasting issues of AC series are always there. Anyone else having the same issue? We want to build up a compliant force. If yes, please post a reply here with details.

When posted to Ubisoft support, the stupid reply was:

"I would recommend you to please contact your ISP in order to check if they're running maintenance or other filters as it happens at the exact same time every time.
Apologies for the inconvenience caused
If you have any further queries or issues please do not hesitate to contact us again and we will assist you further.
Kind Regards, "