View Full Version : Idea for combat system in Assassin's Creed?

03-08-2014, 02:18 PM
So my idea for the combat system in assassins creed is to use the idea that fighting games like tekken have, which assign a different limb to a different button. Tekken uses SQUARE and TRIANGLE to control the right and left punches and then uses X and CIRCLE to control the right and left kicks. So in assassins creed i think they should use this to make it more fun and rewarding then it is now.

This is how it should work:

The enemy attack you, you press CIRCLE to counter.

You then follow up with a 3 hit combo. Using 3 different buttons on the controller, SQUARE to control the characters left punch, TRIANGLE to control the characters right punch, X to Control the characters kick and circle to disarm the character.

The 3 hit combo hits the opponent and takes him out in the 3rd hit. E.g. I press circle to counter and then follow up with SQUARE TRIANGLE SQUARE. The final SQUARE kills your enemy. Each combination of the buttons has a different combo attack to kill the opponent.

This will also work with the dual weapons. If you have a sword in the right hand and have the hidden blade in the left you could do this:

CIRCLE to counter, X SQUARE TRIANGLE, this will let the character kick the enemy the stab him in the stomach with the hidden blade and slash his neck with sword in a combo... However at certain times the enemy will block the last attack and then try to attack you which you will have to quickly press circle to counter again ( the counter this time will be much harder making it more likely for you to get hit by the enemy) and when you counter for a second time successfully you can follow up with just one button to kill your enemy.

When you are in the middle of a combo the enemies around you can easily attack you so you have to be prepared to counter them an example of how this could work is:

You press CIRCLE to counter, then SQUARE SQUARE TRIANGLE, but while you are doing this combo another enemy is about to attack you so you either get hit and lose a lot of life or you are prepared and quickly press CIRCLE to counter and you have to follow this with another CIRCLE to throw the enemy away or you get attacked and lose more life. However if you are successful in this after the throw you can press SQUARE TRIANGLE or X to kill the opponent you were attacking first in one hit.

To make it more rewarding you will start with only a couple of combos to kill your enemies and you will unlock more if you are successful with 20 combo kills to unlock more combos to do and then more at 50 kills.

But this won't be a waiting game for you to just wait for the enemies to attack, you can also attack anyway like you can now but it will not kill them easily... It will take ages for you to kill an opponent this way but if you do attack this way the enemy will block a lot of your attacks and after a while they will counter and you will have to press certain buttons to deflect their combos. E.g.

You attack and then the enemy counters and is about to do a 3 hit combo on you which will make you lose 70% of your life if they succeed at the 3 hit combo. They counter and then are about to do a combo which you will have to press SQUARE TRIANGLE and X to deflect. At first it will tell which to press for each attack to deflect it but then you will have to learn...

You attack and it is countered and then the enemy is about to punch which you have to press SQUARE at the right time to deflect, then the enemy is about to kick you and you have to press X to deflect and then the enemy strikes you with his sword which is where you have to press TRIANGLE to deflect and after this you lose 30% of your life by deflecting to make it harder and then the enemy is left unarmed and easy to kill.

This combat system will also allow the boss fights to be quite cool e.g. If their is a templar boss who weilds an axe and a dagger you will have to do more to kill the enemy...

The templar attacks you and you counter and then press SQUARE TRIANGLE X, the enemy will always deflect the last hit and then attack you and you will have to counter again with CIRCLE and hit him again but this won't kill him... just injure him... If you attack him and the enemy counters you will have to go through a step of things to deflect the attacks... The boss will be different to normal enemies and can hit you with a 5 hit combo which will kill you if they succeed. But you won't just have to press SQUARE TRIANGLE AND X to deflect... The boss can attack with his sword and you will have to keep pressing TRIANGLE to stop him or he will get you.

So this is my idea based off the combat system they have already but by making it more fun and rewarding... and with the next gen hardware they should be able to add a lot of combos for each set of weapons making it fun to watch the enemy die with cool animations but also making it fun to play and hard with certain things you have to master to not get hit.... tell me what you think of this..... btw it would be really annoying if anyone actually took my idea and made it in their game... as this is my own idea that took some thinking... but thanks anyway if you read this. :)