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03-08-2014, 11:10 AM

In a few months time i will be getiing a new PC.What i want to know is where on my PC is my profiles saved,for my Ubisoft games?.

I would like to transfer them from my old PC to my new PC.I don't like the idea of going through 9-10 titles,just to get 100% completion!!.Or are my profiles saved in the Uplay cloud?.

I think my saves are in C\Users\Your pc name\AppData\Roaming

Any help would be greatly appreciated.Thanks for looking.


03-08-2014, 06:14 PM
it depends on which Ubisoft game, most of them are saved inside Program Files (x86)\UbisoftGameLauncher\SaveGames or Program Files\UbisoftGameLauncher\SaveGames depending on windows x86/x64.

some old games are saved inside Saved Games within your windows user profile folder like Assassins Creed Brotherhood.

so to be on the safe side, take a backup for:

1. You whole User profile data along with hidden folders like AppData. (this also useful for other programs, so i would recommend keeping it)
2. UbisoftGameLauncher inside program files.
3. ProgramData folder located on C. (might be useless but also contain other programs stuff, its Hidden folder, you need to show hidden folders in Folder View options ).
4. Game installation folder. (going to be useless but just in case)

Once you got your new PC, you can start transfer things slowly until you got everything up and running, so you will only take backup of the required things and delete the rest.