View Full Version : a big problem (for me) !

03-07-2014, 05:25 PM
first , i don't know if this is the right sub-forum or anything so....

now to the actual problem:
(happened with asc 4)

some days ago, i accidently pressed the power button while the game was saving, so i got the corrupted files and stuff, i did everything with the safe mode , but after that, the game still wouldn't work (it always froze right after mission one , right before you get the first abstergo interlude-thingy) i could play multiplayer.

now, following the advice of a friend, i just deleted ALL asc data , and now i can't even start up my asc , it freezes at the "loading screen" .

anyone has solutions?

(again sorry if this is the wrong sub-forum, and sorry for my bad English also)