View Full Version : Assassin's Creed IV 100% sync tips

03-06-2014, 04:44 AM
1] When playing through the game, whenever you unlock a new location, be sure to get everything there done so it's out of the way. This especially goes for underwater ship wrecks because it's annoying to have to come back again when you're going for full sync.

2] If you pass an Animus fragment or a chest while sailing around the sea, you may as well just pick it up. If you have already done a big chunk of the locations/collectibles then that makes the grind that you have to do at the end of the game to collect everything a lot faster and less of a bore because just sailing around and having to hop off the Jackdaw every 2 minutes just to get back on it again 10 seconds later begins to get annoying, believe me.

3] When doing main missions, be sure to do both the optional objectives to avoid having to replay it later. Take your time and don't rush when playing them through because you don't want to mess it up and have to go back to the last checkpoint.

4] Make sure you start boarding ships and sending them to Kenway's fleet as soon as it becomes available. There's a mission in Barcelona to get the last treasure map and it takes a while to unlock.

5] When using Kenway's fleet, be sure to get all of your trade routes to safe before embarking on any missions. If the trade route is safe, that means that any ship you send will have 100% chance of success. If you have 10 docks unlocked (there's no point in unlocking any more), I'd recommend a fleet consisting of:

2 Schooners
4 Brigs
2 Frigates
2 Men O' War

6] Brigs should be your main ship used in battles. They're quick and pack a powerful punch so brigs are a good way to go for clearing out trade routes.

7] Next, break tasks down into segments. I'd recommend sifting through all the locations and making sure you have all the treasure maps (22 in total) and then set about gathering them all. Through doing this, you'll collect the majority of the plans available for the Jackdaw, the rest of which are in the underwater wrecks.

8] Lastly, when using Kenway's fleet, I recommend only doing missions where it unlocks a location. It will say in gold in the mission details if it is going to unlock a location. Doing these and these only is the fastest way to open all trade routes and get to the long awaited Barcelona mission.

Hope these have been helpful! (: