View Full Version : Possible Mistake in the TAB / notes on Weezer - Say It Ain't So DLC

03-04-2014, 04:04 PM
I was playing Weezer's Say It Ain't So and I think I found a problem with the notes. Could someone double check it for me? The riff right before the lyrics "Say it ain't so, your love is a heartbreaker" on the higher difficulty levels, (forgot the chords) dun-dun wah wah, dun-dun wah wah, the wah-wahs are set for the 7th fret, but I'm pretty sure they should be the 5th fret. The 5th fret fits the middle (3rd) finger perfectly and it sounds like the same note. The 7th fret is a big hand movement for such a short amount of time, and sounds too (damn :p) high.

Anyone else notice this? If you need chord letters or measures or something I could go back in the game and find them, but I just wanted to post this before heading to bed.


03-06-2014, 10:08 AM
It's correct. 5th fret on B (2nd string), 7th on G (3rd string). Practice bending the 7th fret and you'll get it to sound right eventually.