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03-04-2014, 02:43 AM
In honor of the South Park game coming out tomorrow, I feel like it would be fun to have a complete nonsense thread dedicated to all the South Park fans here! I know there are some Pewdiepie fans dotted around here, so there are obviously some SP fans as well. What better time to have a complete random BS thread about a game other than AC..than RIGHT BEFORE THE BIG AC5 ANNOUNCEMENT??

Okay, all South Park fans..this is dedicated to you!

Just a fun little poll idea I had. Considering that the Marshes and the Broflovski families have the same number of people who play similar roles, I thought it would be a fun idea. I also got this idea from seeing a "Stan vs. Kyle" poll, and you would not BELIEVE how many people said "I vote Stan..but ONLY because his dad is Randy".

..That kinda defeats the purpose of the poll.

So, choose your side for each of the character match ups: (not including Grandpa Marsh cuz he doesn't really have any sort of prominent role at all lol)

PS. This thread is not about Cartman. Please don't say things like "Cartman is better than all of them". That is not what this is about.

1. Boy

Stan or Kyle?

2. Father

Randy or Gerald?

3. Mother

Sharon or Sheila?

4. Sibling

Shelly or Ike?

Personally, I like Kyle more than Stan. I feel like Stan is the sort of "all around kid" who is just kinda nice, kinda ignorant, kinda smart, kinda stupid, dealing with girls and his family and some depression.. and I respect that, but I like Kyle more, who shines as the more intellectual and sensitive one. He has more interesting things to say, and he is just more..different. He makes more sense than most politicians these days, coming up with the most realistic opinions on everything from censorship to gay rights. Even though Stan is the all around character that everyone should relate to..I just feel like I relate to Kyle more. Plus, he's Jewish, which means he is automatically awesome :D. Apparently I am also the only female South Park fan on the planet who doesn't ship Kyle and Stan, or is obsessed with "Style" fanfics. Um...hellloo, they are 10 YEARS OLD.

I also love Ike wayyy more than Shelly. Ike is hilarious, and surprisingly mature. He is like Stewie from Family Guy, in a way, being an incredible vulgar and intelligent..baby. Shelly is just kinda an annoying beotch who is too painful to listen to and has no prominent role in any form.

As for the mothers, I love Sheila more than Sharon. Sheila is hilarious in the sense that she is an overprotective, uptight Jewish mother, but she has a vulgar and hilarious side to her too, like when she lets her Jersey self unleash. Sharon is interesting, but she is just kinda the average mom, and she doesn't have anything about her that stands out. I don't remember her having any memorable lines ever.

As for the Father..well, I love Gerald. He is hilarious and edgy, and comes out as pretty funny in the episode where he gets addicted to cat urine, and when he becomes metrosexual, but...there is just no beating Randy. Randy is just the best. I don't think I even need to explain any deeper than that. I am sure you all know what I am talking about!!

And then part two of this thread, is poll about how excited you are for the SP game tomorrow. I know I is!

*In smug hybrid driver Gerald voice*:


I..hope this thread doesn't get taken down. I mean..we have BUWYWL..post pic pr yourself..and "what music do you listen to" threads..so this should be okay..right?

Edit: so..I guess the majority dont really give a crap about this thread, showed by the poll...this is embarrassing.

03-04-2014, 04:04 AM
Right then..this was a complete and utter misfire. Could someone please delete this thread?

03-04-2014, 07:16 AM
Right then..this was a complete and utter misfire. Could someone please delete this thread?
Ok. I'll close it. ;)