View Full Version : i need support from Ubi to set up our first tournament.

03-01-2014, 02:53 PM
dear, ubisoft. I'm live in Thailand and love to play MMDoC very much. I have a request for you.
Nowadays we have a group of MMDoC for Thailand players at https://www.facebook.com/groups/452882268121657/ .We have
about 370 members that some players have played since the game is open beta. Now I want to set a first tournament in our group
and i need the support from you about the reward for the winner in our tournament. Let see about tournament detail...

Name of Tournament : MMDoC Thailand 1st Tournament - Who is The Best Hero in BS2
Rule :
- All Participants must be the member of our group https://www.facebook.com/groups/452882268121657/ to make sure that they're Thais.
- All participants must use the card in BS2. If any players use a card that not in BS2, that player will lose that match
- All macths in our Tournament will be BO3. Victory Players will post a Screenshot of thier victory in our group wall.
- We have divide our tournament into 6 week to find the Best Hero in each factions so the schedule will be
1 st week : Academy
2 nd week : Stronghold
3 rd week : Haven
4 th week : Sanctuary
5 th week : Necropolis
6 th week : Inferno
- Each weeks will have a maximum of 32 participants. and feel free to join every weekly tournament.
- Each Week tournaments will complete in 1 week.
- all participants will be random to meet thier opponent and need to battle until we have 4 players left. then We ranked 1st - 4th
- all top 4 players of each weeks will post thier decks in our group to guide all members about how to handle each factions in BS2
- in my opinion, the top 4 players will receieve reward like this
- 1st = 300 seal + 3 Premium Five Towers Packs
- 2nd = 10000 gold + 3 Five Towers Packs
- 3rd = 3 Five Towers Packs
- 4th = 1 Five Towers Packs

... Please consider my request, Best regard ^^