View Full Version : PS4- AC4- [MHA] yeah that's my clan

02-28-2014, 02:50 AM

My clan have actually been playing AC4 an had a few competitive matches an we won.
An some people want to be saying that i lag? or even my team..
So there's a little picture of my nat type, an connection speed, i think you people need to start checking your nat connection before you talk ****.
Or even if it ain't your connection don't go saying we lag because the link shows quite clearly see.
Yeah you know who you people are i ain't naming anyone, that is the point to this thread, i going to take **** from anyone i seriously don't care.
or maybe you guys should go to ubisoft an tell them to fix there servers!
if you guys feel like or know me personally then follow me on twitter (new to it)
or follow me on twitch for ac4 live streams - MakaveliIslam
Another we're for good people to join our clan so feel free to add me on psn (ps4) - Makaveli-Islam