View Full Version : Utterly inadmissible save game bug is still here after 4 months....

02-26-2014, 08:38 PM
Silly me !! i forgot to manually backup my AC4BF saves to protect them from ubi's mess of a cloud system !!

I've grown cautious with ubisoft over the years, but really i didn't expect them to have gone this low as to not even caring to fix a gamebreaking bug in one of their biggest titles anymore. Game's been out for ~4 months on pc, cloud save mess bug was reported since day 1, and still nothing has been done.

So far, lost around 6hours of gameplay on a total of 21h playing.
Also, each and every time i restart the game, my save is gone. I actually have to switch to multiplayer, then back to singleplayer, for Udontplay to finally find some remnants of my saves, usually with a few hours of gameplay simply canceled in the process.

This is amazing. Thanks ubi for this neverending experience of a game i find shallower every time i replay the same crap. It's so fun to go throu this one-click kill nonsense knowing you're gonna have to try again, not because the game is hard but because it's gonna rewind your progress while u ain't lookin.

Also 'bout the difficulty; ok it's a console game, and as most ports, difficulty is drastically reduced when you give players a controller with more than 6 buttons and the precision of a mouse, but cmon, here the ONLY difficulty is staying exactly on the defined tracks during "follow this guy without being seen" missions... I think i died like 6 times til now, yet not once to enemies: falling from heights and glitching only.
I don't think there's even any way to set the difficulty up, or am i wrong ? didn't see any option for that so far.

It's so disappointing to see such potential wasted by ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ devs. The game could be a blast since it took the best elements of a few nice franchises like Pirates of the Caribbean and Farcry, and mixed it with the basics of the previous ACs, and for people not being affected by this save game bug, it's probably a very enjoyable game all in all. Yet for me, it just looks like another Ubifailure.

I got AC4BF discounted and months after launch so i wouldn't get ripped off too much by ubi, yet it seems i should even lower my thresholds to cope with ubisoft race to the abysses of cash-grabbing nonsense. Ever since ubi simpletons wanted their own digital distribution platform, this Udontplay crap has only brought bugs and messes to ubi games, and i bet they still sell more copies on steam and other means. Ubi's rating in my price/quality game devs list is now "Not worth more than 10 bucks, ever, for any of their games".